John Davies


John Davies is the founder of Renegade Training, a throwback to an era when victory was the only option. His unique approach has developed dominant athletic forces with an astonishing regularity.

John Davies preaches a hardcore warrior attitude to prepare his trainees for the battles that lay ahead on the fields of competition and life.

Clients range from the NFL and soccer elite to weekend warriors who all share a common, blood-thirsty need for victory. No-longer the best-kept secret, The Renegade is part of the team.

John Davies has authored eleven books on health, fitness and sports conditioning along with a daily blog at USPlabs. He is available on Facebook and Twitter to answer all your exercise and health questions.

His personal supplement stack starts daily with the "athlete's advantage:" Modern, Super Cissus, PowerFULL and Prime, along with additional use of Yok3d, Recreate, Anabolic Pump and Pink Magic depending upon his training cycle.


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    Build a bigger, stronger, better chest with this complete workout from USPLabs designed to punish the pecs from every angle.

  • Chest Workout: No Bench Press? No Problem.

    Build a bigger, stronger, better chest with this complete workout from USPLabs designed to punish the pecs from every angle.

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    I've sat down to write my inaugural column here a number of times. Looking at the keyboard, I walked away a dozen times - writing, damn this is all crap 'cause the story that needs to be told is no story at all - it's straight from the hip...

  • Intensity - Strengthening For Sports!

    As I was informed of the proposed name I was delighted - Intensity. Nothing better describes my philosophy of the development of an athlete...