Mark Howard


A. I am 24 years old and a personal trainer for Rocky Mountain fitness. My whole life I have been in competitive sports, from football to wrestling to one of my favorite passions, rugby. I played here in Boise for the past 5-6 years equaling about 10 seasons (two seasons a year spring and fall like soccer). Throughout I always lifted, ate and conditioned extremely hard for rugby. I continually try to find a competitive edge whether it is nutrition and supplementation or some type of plyometrics that I could punish myself with. I went to my first bodybuilding show in 1999 here in Boise, the Northwest Natural, when sitting in the audience I was witness to a terrific show. Todd Opheim beat another great, Lance Sganzini, to win the overall title. After watching the whole event I decided to compete. I choose the 2000 NPC Idaho to my first show. I had a great time, I placed 2nd in the Novice class and 3rd in the Middle Weight class. Needless to say I am hooked, and very hungry for more competition.

B. I have very high expectations for my next competitions. Especially with all the successes and gains I have made. I have been taking great strides in sleeping 8-10 hours every night, getting proper nutrition; a lot of protein, MCT oils and flax seed oils for fat and clean carbohydrates for those heavy-intense lifting sessions. And of course supplementation. I have had tremendous success with Prolab's Glutamine, Twin Lab's ZMA Fuel, Cytodyne's Isodyne and my utmost favorite Methoxy-Pro a great multivitamin and it has extra vitamin E and C. I change my supplement stack when I start dieting, so I will update with my changes as well as changes in my diet and training.

C. I plan to start dieting four months out. It sounds like a long time, but it gives me time to transition everything slowly. So, I won't panic and try to overtrain. With the help of, I plan on pursuing at least three shows this year including: the Northwest Natural and Malicki's NPC. I will come into these shows at about 170lbs and at least 4% or less naturally. Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 190
Residence: Boise, ID
Years Bodybuilding: 1 year
Favorite Body Parts: Quads, Hams & Chest.
Favorite Supplements: Cytoplex, Isodyne & Glutamine.
Hobbies: Rugby for five years (two Seasons per year).
Favorite Bodybuilders: Tom Platz, Robby Robinson & Shawn RayPic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3


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