Nick Collias


Nick Collias is the Executive Editor at He previously worked as the staff writer, sports editor, news editor, and finally editor-in-chief at Boise Weekly. He has also covered Spanish-language baseball news for the site MLB Trade Rumors and a Spanish version titled Rumores de Béisbol. In 2009, he was a contributing writer and researcher for the public television documentary "Make No Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City". As a freelance author and book designer, he wrote and designed the book "Round About the Boise Valley: An Artist's Journey through Idaho History," and designed and edited the book "Francie's Camera: The Art and Stories of Robert Auth".

Collias received his bachelor's degree from College of Idaho and his master's degree from University of Chicago. He lives in Boise, Idaho.


  • Podcast Episode 59: Michael McGurk on the Future of Army Fitness

    The United States Army is about to undertake a dramatic and unprecedented overhaul to the way it tests, and promotes, military fitness. The man who headed the research into the new standards talks with us about how and why, as well as the future of Army nutrition and how the Army plans to circulate 80,000 kettlebells to bases around the globe.

  • Podcast Episode 58: Metal guitarist Nita Strauss on the Highway to Health

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  • Podcast Episode 57: Fergus Crawley on Squatting 132 pounds, 7,600 times, in 24 Hours

    After Scottish powerlifter Fergus Crawley survived a suicide attempt in 2016, he turned his life around with the help of an unlikely ally–a French Bulldog puppy. Then, he set his sights on one of the most grueling strength records out there: the most weight squatted in 24 hours. We did deep into his incredible story, and geek out on all the training deets.

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    WBFF pro muscle model Rob Smith, the host of’s Everyday Beast video series, shares his philosophy on food, lifting, and beasting through life.

  • Podcast Episode 55: Bajheera on Games and Gains

    Jackson Bliton, better known as Bajheera, has built a unique dual following online. He's a pro bodybuilder, but also a pro gamer, and streams both to tens of thousands daily. He shares his story, his nutritional approach, and takes live questions from his Twitch followers.

  • Podcast Episode 54: Meg Squats Steps Up to the Platform

    On the verge of her fourth go-round in the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, Meg Squats talks with us about her prep, how she used her program Uplifted to great effect in the offseason, and what she'd tell herself if she had it all to do over again.

  • Meg Squats Steps Up To The Platform

    On the eve of her biggest comp of the year, the YouTube star and devotee of the heavy lifting life talks with us about prep, protein bars, and how good it feels to buckle down and say no to distraction.

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    Look him up, and you'll see a researcher who has been involved in many foundational studies in strength and supplement research. But this Ph.D. is also a bodybuilder with three decades of competition under his belt.

  • Podcast Episode 52: Baby Oil and Burgers with Lawrence Ballenger

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