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I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years. Ironically, an eating disorder pushed me to pursue the fitness quest. My illness didn't last long with the positive effects resistance training was providing.

With the persuasion of others, I attended a local bodybuilding show, and from that day on, I was a bodybuilding addict. I began reading magazines, books, talking to people, etc. trying to find out as much as I could on the sport of bodybuilding.

I have seven consecutive years of competing under my belt and a lot of personal experience. I have used nutritional and training trial and error tactics to see what produces the most muscle and fat loss. I have come to the simple conclusion that you can't reinvent the wheel. The foundation for a solid and muscular body is maintaining good health, quality nutrition, intense training, proper form, sufficient supplementation, and adequate rest.

If you have made the decision to get fit, healthy, gain muscle, lose fat, make a body transformation, or any other fitness related goal, then read my latest articles. Knowing the facts can help you stay ahead of the game and feel better about yourself.

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  • Ultimate Calf Training: For Maximum Results!

    You have been pounding away at the iron game for years, set after set and repetition after repetition. You have literally put blood, sweat, and tears into your calf training routine. Learn the facts and get some ideas on increasing calf size.

  • Prisoner Of Carbohydrates

    I understand the carbohydrate roller coaster that many of you may be experiencing. Consistently high insulin levels can result in fat storage, water retention, and an insulin imbalance.

  • Female Body Shapes: Which Are You?

    Women have these crazy body shapes. Learn how to tell which type you are, and learn what type of training you should then be doing.

  • Sugar's Mind Games!

    Those who are sugar dependant have the same dependency as those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gambling. The sugar need provides immediate gratification.

  • Coral Calcium And Osteoporosis

    Your nutrition, physical activity level, and supplementation directly affect the absorption and utilization of calcium. Not only are nutrition and activity necessary, but also the proper balance of certain vitamins and minerals...

  • The Stomach Vacuum Exercise

    I can teach you a simple technique to reduce your midsection in as little as 3 weeks. By incorporating this technique, with your regular abdominal training, it will give you a carved midsection!

  • Six Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes.

    We have all made the same bodybuilding mistakes, but many fail to acknowledge, or even realize they are even making them. Bodybuilding errors can slow muscle gains and decrease fat loss. It can also be the leading cause of plateaus.

  • Women & Weights!

    So ladies, what can weight training do for you? Weight training will give you near-perfect symmetry and put curves and definition in all the right places. Muscle is firm and toned, not soft and mushy. It gives you strength, health, vitality and a

  • The Abdominals!

    The rectus femoris, more commonly know as the abdominal muscle, is one muscle and it contracts as one. So trying to train one part of it will be difficult, although not impossible...

  • Take Control!

    Being a former victim of an eating disorder I understand the fear of eating, the sudden binges and the feeling of being completely out of control and lonely.