Isaac Hinds


I have several years experience in advertising, branding, design and marketing. My career began as an art director for a large global advertising agency. After learning a great deal about advertising and marketing at this large firm, I decided it was time for a change and moved to Denver. While working at a small design firm, I partnered with clients that were appealing to me - sports, fitness and health-related. This partnership prompted me to start my own gig. Currently, I own and operate Lift Studios, a brand strategy and design firm.

I've always been involved in athletics and sports, but after college I found myself fat and out of shape. Disgusted with myself I decided to make a change and did Body-for-Life. After completing the challenge I was in better shape, better educated on nutrition and decided to get more involved with the bodybuilding and fitness community. I'm not someone who just talks about it - I workout regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Combining my love for design with fitness and the outdoors, I work with a number of bodybuilders, athletes, models, fitness/figure competitors on their Web sites and promotion. I look forward to sharing my knowledge on advertising and branding with you and how it can help you in your careers.


Name: Isaac Hinds
Residence: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Owner/Creative Director of Lift Studios
Hobbies: Art, Music, snowboarding, kayaking, weightlifting, surfing, hiking

A brand strategy and design firm providing branding, consulting, design, interactive and marketing services. While this is our emphasis, it isn't our sole focus. We work with large and small client across the globe.

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  • 2009 IFBB Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding, Figure, & Fitness Preview!

    There's only one IFBB competition left before the Olympia (two for figure competitors) and it takes place this weekend in Atlantic City. Who will snag an Olympia qualification? Let's break it down.

  • 2009 NPC USA's Review: 450 Competitors... 17 New Pros!

    Another NPC USA contest is in the books and it was a hot one in Las Vegas. Over 450 competitors took the stage and 17 of them left as IFBB Pros. Here's a look at the winners and more.

  • 2015 Arnold Fitness International Preview

    The era of Oksana Grishina began in earnest last year. Does her masterful 2014 mean she's ready to claim her spot as Adela Garcia's heir apparent?

  • 2015 Arnold Sports Festival: Figure International Preview

    Two-time winner Candice Keene is seeking her third consecutive Figure International title. Will she grab it or have to pass the crown on to the next generation of figure pros?

  • 2015 Arnold Classic Physique International Preview

    The inaugural Arnold Classic Women's Physique International competition looks like it will be a battle between DLB and Juliana Malacarne. Who will come out on top?

  • 2015 Arnold Classic Bikini International Preview

    Ashley Kaltwasser is the only woman competing out of last year's top five finishers. Will she be defeated by an up-and-comer or will she become the first back-to-back Bikini International champ?

  • You Can't Fake A True Fitness Transformation

    Think before-and-after photos are nothing more than tricks of shadow and posing? Professional fitness photographer Isaac Hinds sets the record straight.

  • 2014 Ms. Olympia Preview: Can Iris Kyle Be Beat?

    Iris Kyle may be the most successful bodybuilder ever. Will she continue her reign at the 2014 Ms. Olympia?

  • 2014 Fitness Olympia Preview And Predictions

    Will Oksana take the crown or will another competitor be crowned champ?

  • 2014 Figure Olympia Preview: Who Will Take The Figure Crown?

    This weekend, 23 women will vie for the title of 2014 Figure Olympia. Can Wilkins make history as the only woman to win four times, or will Keene, or a wildcard competitor, come out on top?

  • 2014 Women's Physique Olympia Preview

    Can Dana Linn Bailey defend her crown? Or will the title fall to one of this year's top contenders?

  • 2014 IFBB Bikini Olympia Preview And Predictions

    Ashley Kaltwasser's the only Bikini Olympia champ competing this year. Will she win again, or will history repeat itself and leave a new lady to be crowned queen of the bikini field?

  • 2014 Fitness International Preview: Who Will Claim The Crown?

    Fourteen women are poised to battle for the 2014 Fitness International. Tanji Johnson will defend her crown against a tough lineup. Check out our preview and predictions!

  • 2014 Bikini International Preview: Who Will Be Crowned The Champ?

    It's anyone's game as 16 women vie for the title at the 2014 Bikini International. See the lineup of beautiful competitors and check out these predictions!

  • 2014 Figure International Preview: Will Candice Keene Take Home The Win?

    There are 17 women competing at the 2014 Figure International, but it's one woman's title to lose. Check out the lineup and these top predictions!

  • 2013 Fitness Olympia: Garcia Looks For An Eighth Title

    The Fitness Olympia is unique to this weekend's competitions. It includes a choreographed gymnastics and strength routine which asks these incredible women to showcase their true fitness!

  • 2013 Ms. Olympia Preview: Iris Kyle Aims For History

    Iris Kyle is looking to break records this year with a ninth Olympia win—placing her in a league of her own. But, 12 other competitors are looking for their own taste of victory.

  • Men's Physique Debuts At The 2013 Olympia Showdown

    For the first time in its magnificent history, the Mr. Olympia extravaganza will include a men's physique competition. But who will win?

  • 2013 Physique Olympia Showdown Preview: Get Ready For Physique Olympia!

    An impressive lineup of competitors brings years of bodybuilding, figure, and fitness competition experience to the inaugural Physique Olympia stage.

  • 2013 Figure Olympia Preview: Can The Trio Be Defeated?

    There are 18 women contesting the 2013 Figure Olympia, but the three women in the top-tier have owned this division. Check out the lineup!

  • 2013 Bikini Olympia Preview: Two Pieces, One Prize

    Names like Nagrani, Baird, Dahlgren, and Gonzales are out of the picture at this year's Bikini Olympia. A new group of physiques is about to take the stage!

  • 2013 Fitness International Preview: Exciting Times For New Talent

    There have been some big changes in the usual Fitness International lineup. It's an exciting time for upcoming competitors. Find out who's competing and who's likely to earn first place!

  • Bikini International Preview: Will Nicole Nagrani Win Back Her Title?

    Without Sonia Gonzales, the race for the top spot will be fierce. Each of these competitors is talented and ready to win. Find out who is in the running for the Bikini International crown!

  • 2013 Ms. International Preview: Iris Kyle Seeks Her Seventh Title

    Iris Kyle is back in the game. But there are other talented bodybuilders hungry to earn a Ms. International trophy. Find out who will be posing down to beat her!

  • 2013 Figure International Preview: Who Will Take Wilkins’s Place?

    Nicole Wilkins has won Figure International for the last three years. Now that she's out of the competition, the stage is set for a new queen of fitness. Who will it be?

  • 2012 Olympia Weekend: Figure Olympia Preview

    In nine years of figure battles at the Olympia, just five champions have taken home the crown. Two return in 2012. Can anyone defeat them?

  • Olympia Weekend 2012: Phil Heath - Interview With The Defending Champ

    Phil Heath is the man to beat, and he knows it. With his title defense just under the horizon, The Gift keeps on giving in this wide-ranging interview.

  • 2012 Olympia Weekend: Bikini Olympia Preview—String Of Victories

    New qualification rules and familiar faces make for the biggest Olympia bikini field yet!

  • Can Anyone Break Up The Wilkins Vs Stern Battle?

    There are 16 women set to take the stage for the 2012 Figure International, but all gazes will be fixed on which of the big two will take home the title.

  • Iris Kyle Is Out! Who Will Win Ms. International At The Arnold?

    Iris Kyle hasn't lost a physique competition since 2005. 2005! The champ is injured and will miss the 2012 Arnold. This opens a huge door - who will step through?

  • Adela Garcia Vies For Sixth Win At The Fitness International

    The Fitness contests showcase some of the most fit and athletic women on earth. For the last 5 years, Adela Garcia held dominion over the fitness stage.

  • Nagrani Looks To Stay Undefeated In Columbus

    The Arnold Classic is second to the Olympia for repute, but only the Olympics can compare it's enormous escalation. In 2012, Bikini competitors vie to unseat Nicole Nagrani!

  • Iris Kyle Leads Field Into 2011 Ms. Olympia

    Iris Kyle has been unrivaled since bursting onto the bodybuilding stage in 1999. If she can win the Ms. Olympia again in 2011, she'll have a Sandow for every day of the week.

  • 2011 Fitness Olympia Preview & Predictions!

    Adela Garcia won five of the last seven Fitness Olympia competitions, but the 2011 class is deeper than ever. Can Garcia repeat? Or will a new champion burst from the pack?

  • 2011 Bikini Olympia Promises Hard Bodies, Hot Competition And New Faces

    The 2011 Bikini Olympia has everything you can ask for in a bodybuilding competition.

  • Figure Olympia Field Looks Wide Open In 2011

    The 2011 Figure Olympia will be one of the most competitive in years.

  • Bikini International Interview: Shelsea Montes. sat down with this pint-sized bikini competitor and Team member as she prepares for the Arnold weekend. She might be small, but she brings the bikini swagger in a big way.

  • Figure Pro Alicia Harris Sits Down With A Week Before The 2011 Arnold.

    The competitor may be nicknamed “Smiley,” but she has her game face set for the Figure International in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Arnold Sports Festival: Bikini International Preview.

    At the first-ever Bikini International, a lineup of defined ladies looks to etch their name in the history books. Here’s who to watch out for.

  • Oksana Grishina And 8 Other Darkhorses Who Could Shake Up The 2011 Arnold

    Our experts pick 9 competitors to put on your radar for the 2011 Arnold. See the complete list!

  • 8 Other 'Dark Horses' To Watch In Columbus.

    Are you ready for the 2011 Arnold Classic? Here are 8 dark horses in the competition that you'll want to watch out for.

  • Arnold Sports Festival: Fitness International Preview.

    Can Adela Garcia repeat as the champ? We'll find out on Friday night when the ladies take the stage in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Figure International: Three Former Champs Go Head To Head

    Dangerous curves ahead as these competitors make their final drive to Columbus, and possibly physique history. Who will the new champion be at the finish line?

  • Can Iris Kyle Claim Her Sixth Ms. International Title?

    Iris Kyle looks to make history by winning this contest for her sixth time. Her competitors have a different outcome in mind.

  • Tianna Ta Tackles Her First Olympia!

    Tianna Ta is prepped and ready to take on her first Olympia contest. Read on to learn about Tianna's background and how she found herself as a fitness model and pro competitor!

  • Olympia Interview - Oksana's Secret Olympia Dress!

    Oksana Grishina is a competitor who is known for her imaginative and highly theatrical fitness routines. Read on to see how she's been prepping and what she has in store for the 2010 Olympia!

  • Olympia Interview - IFBB Figure Pro Erin Stern Gunnin' For Numero Uno!

    Erin Stern is ready to take the 2010 Olympia competition by storm. Read on to see how Erin gets into competition shape from everything to her diet down to what music she listens to during her workouts!

  • 2010 Olympia Interview - Candice Keene - 'I Believed In Me!'

    Candice entered her first figure competition on a whim and ended up becoming the overall winner. Now she is getting ready to compete for the big time Bikini Olympia title! Does she have what it takes?

  • 2010 Olympia Interview - Nicole Nagrani - The IFBB's Youngest Bikini Pro Heads To The O!

    Nicole Nagrani is a hard working teenager who balances medical school and competing in figure competitions. Read on to find out how she feels about being one of the youngest competitiors in the first Bikini Olympia!

  • 2010 Europa Super Show Review!

    Another successful Europa Super Show is in the books. Over 100 IFBB Professional competitors took the stage in Dallas over the weekend and the competition was fierce. Each of the overall winners tasted victory for the first time in their pro careers.

  • 2010 Europa Super Show Dallas Preview!

    This weekend, over 100 IFBB professional men and women will head to Dallas, Texas for the Europa Super show. This show is always a huge event and one of the last events to qualify for the 2010 Olympia. Who will leave Dallas with an Olympia qualification?

  • A Minute With IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mark Alvisi - Exclusive Interview!

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mark Alvisi will make his IFBB Pro Debut at the 2010 Europa Super show in Dallas, Texas. I caught up with the 2009 NPC USA overall champ days out from his first pro show.

  • Who Will Turn Pro In Las Vegas? 2010 NPC USA Preview!

    This weekend over 500 hardbody men and women will head to Las Vegas in hopes of achieving IFBB Pro status. Only four men and fourteen women will leave with the elusive pro card. Here's a look at some of the top contenders!

  • Close Up: An Interview With Brazilian Bombshell Nathalia Melo!

    How did Nathalia Melo go from 'middle-of-nowhere' Louisiana to winning two Bikini competitions and in the swimsuit issue of FLEX magazine? Find out more in this interview!

  • Rising Stars Of The 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships Preview!

    Some of the rising stars in the NPC will take the stage May 1, 2010 at Jim Manion's 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships. Get the latest predictions and more here!

  • Angela Mraz: A Rookie's Road To The 2010 Arnold!

    Angela Mraz is proof that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Find out how she went from housekeeper to 2010 Figure International competitor.

  • 2009 NPC Nationals Review: Great Show Has Strong Finish!

    The 2009 NPC Nationals is in the book and it was a good one. There were a few surprises and a few expected wins. See who came out on top in tight competition!

  • 2009 NPC Nationals Preview: Battle At The Beach!

    The 'Battle at the Beach' will go down November 20-21, 2009 at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida. See who will be competing.

  • Isaac Hinds' 2009 NPC USAs Preview: Who Will Walk Away With Their Pro Card This Year?

    This weekend over 450 men and women will head to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the NPC USAs. Check out some of the ones to watch to take home one of the 17 pro cards awarded on Saturday night.

  • Isaac Hinds' 2009 Arnold Classic Preview: Female Competitors!

    This is the first IFBB competition of 2009 and for the women its sure to kick the year off with a bang. A number of familiar names and faces will be back along with some newbies. Which will prevail in the various competitions - experience or youthfulness?

  • Isaac Hinds' 2009 Arnold Classic Preview.

    Thirteen men will battle it out in Columbus, Ohio for the prestigious Arnold Classic title. We'll have to wait until the first week of March so see how it shakes out but here's my breakdown of the show.

  • Isaac Hinds Gives His 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Preview.

    The 20th Anniversary of the Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro will kick off next week. The show is a little earlier than usual but it hasn't hurt the number of competitors entering the show. This is one event not to miss.

  • Amateur Superstar Peter Putnam Discusses Preparation For The 2008 Nationals!

    Peter Putnam was the brides-maid at last year's NPC Nationals. He's taken the entire year off from competing to focus on one thing - leaving Atlanta with a pro card. Learn how he's preparing for the 2008 NPC Nationals right here!

  • 2008 NPC Nationals Preview: Isaac Breaks Down Men's, Women's And Figure Categories!

    The 2008 NPC Nationals Bodybuilding & Figure Championships will take place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on November 21 & 22. Promoter Pam Betz tells me there are well over 300 competitors and things are in place for another great show. Learn more!

  • Isaac Hinds Predicts 2008 Figure & Fitness Olympia Competitions!

    The women of the IFBB will be taking the stage soon. I'm rolling the dice on my predictions and the breakdown of the contests. Here are my fitness & figure predictions for the 2008 Olympia. Check it out!

  • 2008 Europa Super Show Preview.

    The 15th Annual Europa Super Show & Sports Expo will take place at the Dallas Convention Center on August 15-16th. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for the bodybuilding and fitness world.

  • 2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Preview: Lifter's Hot List!

    This year over 300 competitors will roll the dice on the competitive stage. Many of them have dieted 12, 14 or 16 weeks... Get details right here as I take you through the men's & women's bodybuilding and figure competitor hot list!

  • Days Out From NPC USAs - An Interview With Big Sean Allan!

    He's often referred to as Big Sean Allan and for good reason. Sean will be one of the largest men standing on stage in Las Vegas for the 2008 NPC USAs. Sean shares a bit more and what's led to his success this year.

  • 2008 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Review!

    Over 300 competitors took the NPC Jr. Nationals stage last weekend and only seven women left with IFBB Pro status. The show had a few expected victories along with a couple unexpected showings from pre-contest favorites. Read on to learn more!

  • 2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Preview: A Breakdown From The Windy City!

    Competitors are heading to the Windy City for the second big NPC show of the year. The NPC Jr. Nationals... So far there are 240 women and 110 men slated to compete. Get some of the names here and be ready for a huge show!

  • 27 Days Of An Isaac Hinds Challenge!

    Over the course of 27 days I will eat nothing but what is available from the store. Yep, you read it right - no pizza, no chicken breast, no fish, nothing but Check it out.

  • 2008 NPC Jr. USA Championship Review!

    The 2008 NPC JR. USA was the official kick off to the national level NPC season. Over 200 competitors made the trip to Charleston, South Carolina where the show has been held for the past three years.

  • 2008 New York Pro Review: Shredded Bodies Battled It Out!

    New York served host to another IFBB battle of shredded bodies on May 10, 2008. Promoters put on another successful show that included men’s & women’s bodybuilding, and a 202 lbs or under class for men. See who made top 5!

  • Training Days With UFC's Houston Alexander & Ryan Roberts!

    I caught up with UFC rookie Ryan Roberts and the very popular UFC star Houston Alexander; the two were days out from their UFC fights. They are both set to enter the octagon April 2, 2008 at UFC Fight Night in Broomfield, Colorado.

  • Isaac Hinds' 2008 Arnold Classic Review.

    While everyone in attendance tries to recover from the wild and crazy weekend a number of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilders will be heading to the land down under to compete in the New Zealand and Australia shows. Here is my review of the 2008 Arnold Classic

  • 2008 Arnold: IFBB Fitness Competitor Jen Hendershott Takes To The Stage... Again!

    One of my favorite fitness competitors is back to the Arnold stage despite her saying she was retiring in 2007. Jen will make history during this great event by competing for the ninth time. Learn more about this irresistible fitness athlete right here!

  • IFBB Figure Competitor Kristal Richardson Speaks About Her 2008 Arnold Debut!

    I caught up with Kristal less than a week out from her 2008 Arnold debut. Kristal has improved from show to show as a pro and rose to pro status relatively quickly. Learn more as she talks about this and more!

  • 2008 Arnold: IFBB Pro Gina Aliotti Takes The Figure Stage By Storm!

    Gina Aliotti has been taking the figure stage by storm since her debut. She's one of the younger competitors but isn't short on experience... Learn more about this amazing competitor and how she's prepared for this show!

  • 2008 Arnold Classic Preview, 20th Edition - Similar Faces... Different Places!

    2008 Arnold Classic Preview - The past winners will be honored on Saturday night and another champion will be crowned. Will it be a similar face...? See if you agree with my preview of where the men will place at the Classic!

  • 2008 Arnold Ms. International, Fitness & Figure International Preview!

    The women will take the stage on Friday at the Arnold Expo and follow it up with the night show later that day. Here are my top picks for the women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitions that will be taking place February 29, 2008.

  • Top 10 Predictions For The 2008 Iron Man Pro!

    The Iron Man Pro has moved to LA and it looks like no rain! In addition the first NPC Figure show of the year will be taking place! Get my latest predictions right here as I reveal who will win and take the top 10! Check it out.

  • BodySpace/Gaspari 2008 Transformation Contest: Isaac Hinds Comments On The Contest!

    Five contestants, but one dropped out and was replaced by a runner-up. Five contestants, competing not only with each other, but with a contest outsider (but an industry insider) named Isaac Hinds who provides his input in this article.

  • The Women Of The 2007 West Palm Beach Pro-Am!

    The 2007 IFBB Palm Beach Pro/Am Figure & Fitness Contest was held on October 13th in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gina Aliotti holds her conditioning from the Olympia to win the figure division! Julie Palmer wins the fitness division! Learn more here...

  • Ms. Olympia Rookie Heather Armbrust: 12 Weeks Out Video.

    Watch as IFBB Pro Heather Armbrust trains for the upcoming 2007 Ms. Olympia contest in this video training segment. She's 12 weeks out at this point. Watch for part 2 in a couple of weeks to see her progression!

  • The 2007 Europa Super Showdown Preview.

    Isaac Hinds gives his predictions for 2007 Europa Super Showdown. Will Quincy get his Olympia qualification? Will Adela add another title to her belt? Will Lonnie make it to the YO YO Championships?

  • 2007 NPC USA Review: Another One In The Books!

    Things kicked off on Thursday night with weigh-in/height-check at the host hotel. Holy smokes... there were a ton of people waiting... Here is a review of the competition and who the winners were!

  • An Interview With IFBB Fitness Star Jen Hendershott - Retired Or Olympia Bound?

    I caught up with one the IFBB's biggest fitness super stars, Jen Hendershott... Check out this moving interview with Jenny H. Jen shares a few things that she has NEVER revealed to anyone!

  • 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships Preview!

    This pro qualifying show is one of the best NPC contests of the year. Check out some of the favorites of over 400 competitors here in this preview by Isaac Hinds...

  • The 2007 NPC King Kamali Classic Review!'s Bob Cicherillo served as the emcee for the event and did a good job. Here is my review of how the show went and a little about the top winners from the King Kamali & Jan Tana shows.

  • The 2007 Chicago Swarm - NPC Jr. Nationals Review.

    Pam Betz once again promoted the 2007 NPC Jr. Nationals. Pam and her crew do a tremendous job of making sure everything runs smoothly... Here is my review of an amazing show with several victors emerging as pros. Learn more!

  • 2007 NPC Jr. National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships Preview.

    This pro-qualifying event for the figure will take place at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel, in Chicago Illinois June 15-16th. Get ready, as an almost record number of amateurs take the stage! Learn more.

  • A Review Of The 2007 Colorado Pro & Top Five!

    This year provided a larger expo with more events outside of bodybuilding. Events like NAL Arm Wrestling, Strongman competition, boxing, bench press, MMA events, and more. Here is my detailed review of the show and thoughts about the top 5.

  • 2007 Keystone Pro Classic Review & Top Five Breakdown!

    Many people had Branch pegged as the favorite going into the show considering he was coming off the big win in New York. Here is my review of the Keystone Classic and what who ended up in the top 5. Read on.

  • The Colorado Connection, Pt. 2: An Inside Look At The Competitors & Competition Scene.

    Welcome to the second installment of 'The Colorado Connection.' Each month I will feature a competitor, trainer, gym, and more. I'm here to show you that life in the bodybuilding and fitness world also exists outside of California.

  • An Interview With BodySpace Member ChickenTuna.

    She's consistently at the top of the most viewed profiles on BodySpace and now we bring you a bit more with the BodySpace star ChickenTuna. Learn more about who she is, what she does, training routines, and much more! Get it all right here!

  • The 2007 NPC JR. USA Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championship Review.

    Nearly 200 competitors took the stage for the Jr. USA Championships. Continue here as I break down each division starting with NPC Fitness. Here are the competitors who came out on top!

  • 2007 NPC Junior USA Championship Preview.

    The 2007 NPC JR USA competition is being held at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center once again. Learn more about what is happening and who will be attending.

  • Colorado NPC Competitor, Shawn Mack Prepares For First National Competition!

    Follow the prep of NPC competitor, Shawn Mack as he prepares for the 2007 Gaspari Nutrition NPC JR. USA Championships. I caught up with Mack and his trainer at 12 weeks out. Check out the following photos and video!

  • 2007 Arnold Classic - My UFC Uprising Experience!

    UFC 68: THE UPRISING was held on March 3, 2007, at Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio. This was the first UFC event to hit Columbus and did not disappoint! Learn about the upset and more...

  • Reigning Fitness Champ Adela Garcia Set To Shake Her Booty At 2007 Arnold!

    At only a few days out from showtime, the current Arnold Fitness Champ Adela Garcia shared what she's been up to and what is in store this weekend. Learn more about her plans...

  • 2007 Iron Man Review - Press Conference, Prejudging, Finals And More!

    This was my 4th year attending the IRON MAN and the weather was great. This show is like a local NPC show... Here is a quick rundown on how everything went including the BodySpace party. Check it out!

  • An Interview With 2007 Arnold Figure International Competitor, Amanda Jo Savell.

    Amanda successfully transitioned from bodybuilder to figure and hasn't looked back. Learn more as I ask her about prep one week from the Arnold.

  • An Interview With Top Trainer, Kim Oddo - Kim Gives Insight Into The '07 Arnold.

    I caught up with Kim right after the Iron Man Pro to get his thoughts on the next big show for the ladies. See how he feels about his ladies and how he plans on being at two shows happening at about the same time.

  • An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, Jen Hendershott!

    Jen is back and she's ready to for the Arnold. I caught up with Jen H Shot and asked her a few questions as she sits 1 1/2 weeks out from the Arnold. Catch the rest of the interview right here!

  • An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, Yaxeni Oriquen.

    Yaxeni has her sights set on another Arnold title! She has seen the top of the podium before and is looking to regain her title. I caught up with Yaxeni as she prepares to take the Arnold stage.

  • Heather Policky - Dialing It In For The 2007 Sacramento Pro!

    When I met up with Heather last week the weather was taking a toll on her and it showed a little bit in her conditioning. Here is a quick preview of her prep as she nears her pro debut!

  • Heather Policky Arm Training - 3 Weeks Out From 2007 Arnold!

    I was finally able to get together with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Heather Policky regardless of all the snow in Denver. Get the latest as she trains arms in preparation for the 2007 Arnold Classic!

  • An Interview With Heather Policky, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

    Heather Policky (pronounced po-lisk-y) is four and a half weeks out as I catch up with her at Harry's Colorado Pro Gym. See how what her training is like and some eye boggling pictures, as she prepares for the Sacramento Pro.

  • 2007 Iron Man Pro Preview - Top Five Picks!

    The little big man, David Henry returns to the line up, but will he be able to flex his way to his first pro title? I don’t think so. Here are my top five picks and why I don’t think David will take it. Other contenders & figure line-up included.

  • 2007 Women's Arnold Classic Preview.

    The women’s lists are out for the 2007 Arnold Classic and they are stacked! Let's breakdown the lineups... Here are my top six picks for each category. See if you agree!

  • The Colorado Connection: An Inside Look At The Competitors & Competition Scene.

    Welcome to the first installment of 'The Colorado Connection.' Each month I will feature a competitor, trainer, gym, and more. I'm here to show you that life in the bodybuilding and fitness world also exists outside of California.

  • 2006 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure Competition Review!

    The 2006 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure Competition was the final destination in a long competitive season. Find out who rounded out the top 5 from the judges nail biting 1 point decisions!

  • 2006 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure Competition Pictures!

    Check ou the pictures from the 2006 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure competition here.

  • 2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Review By Isaac Hinds.

    2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness, Figure & Model Search Championships were held in Denver, CO on October 21st. Find the full contest review and results here! Written by Isaac Hinds.

  • 2006 IFBB West Palm Beach Figure And Fitness Report.

    The first pro show to hit West Palm Beach with IFBB pro and figure took place October 7, 2006 in a small intimate venue. See who took the top spots and who is retiring. Read on for more!

  • 2006 Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Olympia Preview & Predictions!

    The women will all be on the same stage this year and their prize money has increased as well. The women will show their hard work off on Friday, Sept. 29th, 2006 for the pre-judging. Let's get down to the preview and predictions.

  • 2006 Europa Super Show's Female Friday!

    All too often the women take a back seat to the men in the industry - but not at this show. See who my top picks are for women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure! Read on for more!

  • An Interview With NPC Figure Competitor And Fitness Model Ava Cowan.

    NPC Figure Competitor And Fitness Model Ava Cowan was kind enough to take some time and allow me to ask a few questions about who she is and a little about her competition and modeling experience. Learn more right here!

  • The 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic Preview!

    The skeptics cried it couldn't be done, especially in Denver, Colorado. Shawn Ray and Jeff Taylor are putting on a show... In this preview I will discuss some of the huge prizes for the visitors and what pros should earn top spots. Check it out!

  • 2006 Arnold Classic Preview!

    The 2006 Arnold Classic is fast approaching. In a couple of days we will see who has prepared the best for this show. Here are my predictions of who will come out on top.

  • Isaac Hinds' 2006 Iron Man Preview.

    The first pro show of the year is going to be a good one. See my preview to see how the athletes are stacking up and who is going to be competing in the figure division. Read on for more...

  • Addictive Foreplay - Nancy Di Nino Revisited!

    Nancy Di Nino is full of energy and you can't help but smile when you're around her. Check out this great interview and see what Miss Nancy is up to!

  • The Women Prepare For The 2005 Olympia.

    The Fitness Olympia is by far my favorite event of the weekend. This year Kelly Ryan is absent from the line-up leaving the door open for someone to move into a top 5 slot. My picks for top 5 are...

  • 2005 NPC Junior Nationals Preview!

    This pro-qualifying show for the figure has women from across the country flocking to Chicago this weekend. This page lists a small number of the hundreds that will be competing. Who will take it all?

  • An Interview With Covermodel Jennifer Micheli

    Jennifer Micheli shatters any myth that being 40 is Over the Hill. She shares with us what life is like competing over 40, having a full-time job as well as being a mother of 3.

  • 2005 Emerald Cup Preview!

    Known as one of the top amateur shows - will be the title sponsor of the Emerald Cup. Here are some questions and answers about the event, prizes, and the possibility of a guest poser.

  • Wish They All Could Be California Girls... Meet Erica Davidson!

    Erica Davidson is as adorable as they come in the fitness biz. She shares a little more about herself in this interview.

  • Meet The Man Behind The Mask At The Fitness Olympia - Choreographer Kevin Creegan.

    Kevin Creegan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the devoted readers of

  • Jenny From The Block: An Interview With Jen Hendershott.

    Hendershott is on a roll with her controversial routines, first using human props in 2003 and then busted out with a religious theme in 04. Her second place victory launched her in the top tier of the fitness world. This OSU girl shares what's up...

  • An Interview With Canadian IFBB Figure Pro Jane Awad.

    Say hello to one of the newest IFBB Figure Pros - Jane Awad. This laid back Canadian captured the coveted IFBB Pro card in a short period of time...

  • NPC Nationals Preview - Showdown In Dallas!

    GNC and Champion Nutrition present the Bodyonics Pinnacle NPC National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship on November 19-20, 2004. Held at the Dallas Convention Center...

  • 2004 Olympia Fitness & Figure Preview!

    This is the big daddy, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada of competition for the year. Much like every other year, there are things already a brewin' on this Halloween weekend in Sin City. Read more!

  • An Interview With The Author Of The Precontest Bible Larry Pepe.

    Larry Pepe gives us an inside look at the new book taking the bodybuilding world by storm.

  • An Interview With Producer & Director Samuel Turcotte.

    Samuel Turcotte gives an insider look at his newest movie 'No Pain, No Gain'; a movie set in the amateur ranks of bodybuilding.

  • An Interview With Alexis Ellis.

    Alexis Ellis shares with her passion for life, running a business and making some noise on the NPC figure scene.

  • An Interview With IFBB Pro Marcy Porter.

    Small town girl Marcy Porter hits the big time by turning pro. Take a gander at what the lass has to say about turning pro, finding a web designer and much much more...

  • An Interview With Jeanette Freed.

    Read on to find out what a day in the life of Jeanette Freed is like for a woman who competes in the NPC and never slacks on being a great mother!

  • An Interview With Stacey Marie Kisting.

    Stasha shares the skinny on what the heck has her in Iowa and how she finds time to compete in NPC Figure. Those in attendance at the Arnold Classic saw her radiant smile at the Twinlab booth. Take a couple minutes and get to know a lil' more about...

  • Team Universe, Figure Nationals & New York Pro Preview.

    I'll gotcha ready for the breakdown. The Big Apple - August 6-7, 2004. Inside it will get much hotter, at least from a sneak peak of this year's competitors...

  • An Interview With Track Athlete & Figure Competitor Ali Metkovich!

    Track & Field standout turned NPC figure competitor, Ali Metkovich, gives us the lowdown on her past and goals for the future.

  • A Talk With Christine Sabo!

    Christine was kind enough to answer a few questions for She is coming off back to back shows - winning the overall in Chicago at this year's Jr. Nationals and followed it up with a second place showing at the USAs to the eventual...

  • 2004 NPC USA Review!

    One of the hottest shows of the year (literally) took place in Las Vegas, NV on July 15-18. The contest was talked about and hyped by many. Find out who won, who should have won and more...

  • 2004 NPC USA Preview!

    This year's USAs is sure to be one for the record books. Several competitors will venture into Sin City in hopes of becoming one of the newest IFBB Pros. Take a gander at a few of the people sure to make an impression on the judges on July 16th.

  • 2004 Junior National Womens Preview!

    The 2004 NPC Jr. National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Champions will kick off on Friday, June 18, 2004. With over 200 competitors, it is going to be a great show!

  • Interview With Firefighter, Paramedic & IFBB Pro Ally Bookless!'s fun section heats up! A smoken hot interview with Firefighter, Paramedic and IFBB Pro Ally Bookless. Ally takes time to give back and help others when she could be tying to grab an extra hour of sleep during her hectic schedule.

  • IFBB PRO Lisa Schaerer-Maloy Interview!

    Lisa shares the lowdown on her background, battle with cancer and finding time for her daughter all while competing as an IFBB Pro. Anyone who's had the opportunity to meet Lisa knows she's a sweetheart...

  • 2004 Mg Development N.P.C. Northern Colorado Championships!

    The Rocky Mountain NPC kicked off the year with a bang, April 3, 2004. NPC Colorado Chairman, Jeff Taylor, proved again why his region is one of the best in the nation. Guest Poser Jay Cutler showed up large and in charge for the third time in a row.

  • Finding The Right Web Designer!

    Your Web site is going to be a reflection of you and give people an impression of which you are as a person. If you've never had a Web site getting started can be a little overwhelming. Learn why and how to make it a simple process...

  • An Interview With Top Trainer & Nutritionist Kim Oddo!

    Kim Oddo shares how he got started in the industry and tips on choosing a trainer that's right for you. He is currently working with super star Monica Brant on her upcoming Arnold Classic figure competition.

  • An Interview With Marcy Ann Porter!

    Marcy Porter shares with a little about herself. Marcy is a wonderful woman with huge potential. She recently won the medium class in the Ironman NPC Figure. Having been at the event I can assure you this was one tough class.

  • Tara Scotti Interview!

    Tara Scotti aka da hotti shares her feelings on a disappointing loss and how she bounced back to kick some booty. A true New Yorker Tara tells it like it is. Take a minute to get to know more about Da Hotti!

  • 2004 Ironman Pro & Fit Expo Report!

    The first show of the year kicked off with a boom. While Mother Nature provided rain and thunder outside - promoters, Ironman Magazine, rattled things inside. Find out what happened...

  • Texas Sweetheart Amber Black Interview!

    Amber black a native of texas shares how she got her start in bodybuilding and the transition to figure. She also gives a lil insight on how she stays focused on training.

  • An Interview With Sarah Orbanic!

    Fitness Model Sarah Orbanic shares the lowdown on what's happening lately. Check out her amazing pics!

  • An Interview With IFBB Pro Kirsten Nicewarner!

    IFBB Pro Kirsten Nicewarner shares her amazing story with Careful, 'cause it's getting hot in here!

  • An Interview With Kim Dolan!

    Fitness diva Kim Dolan shares what got her motivated to compete and why she made the switch from Fitness America to the NPC.

  • An Interview With William J. Owens!

    Check out a little more on Mr. Tall Man. I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know William and he is a fun, upbeat, class act. Be sure to watch is routine at this year's Nationals - he gets the crowd groove'n.

  • An Interview With IFBB Pro Jen Hendershott!

    Up close and personal with Jen Hendershott. This buckeye fan isn't afraid to lay it all out and share how she really feels. She continues to hold her own as an IFBB Fitness Pro. Take a gander inside the mind of Jenny H.

  • An Interview With IFBB Pro Lovena Tuley!

    Greek Goddess Lovena Tuley sheds some light on her career and how to stay focused in the fitness industry. A sexy little ball of fire that is one of the sweetest, most sincere people you could ever meet. Settle in and enjoy an insightful interview.

  • An Interview With Jennifer Chamberlin.

    Jennifer is a very sweet girl with a big heart. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and share more about her background as well as advice in promoting yourself.

  • An Interview With Mari Kudla.

    Mari Kudla, a mother, wife, trainer and phenomenal competitor, was kind enough to take time out of her insane schedule to let us get to know her a little better...

  • An Interview With Cathy Nordyke.

    I had the privilege of meeting Cathy at this year's Arnold Classic in her own backyard of Columbus, Ohio. She was kind enough to answer a few questions in between her training for the Ohio State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

  • An Interview With Sheron Kestler.

    Many feel Sheron Kestler will be a threat at USAs this year and by looking at her recent photos, I'd have to agree. Sheron is a perfect example of how a female bodybuilder can be beautiful, feminine, lean and defined. Take a moment to get to know Sheron.

  • An Interview With IFBB Pro Liane Seiwald.

    Liane Seiwald is an IFBB Pro currently living in Colorado. Due to an injury she is currently competing as an IFBB Figure competitor. Find out what she up to and what is next for her!

  • An Interview With Chaundra Tangi.

    I've had the opportunity to work with Chaundra over the past year at local NPC events. Always friendly, smiling and enjoying life, Chaundra is a pleasure to be around.

  • Branding Yourself In The Fitness Industry!

    Have you stopped to think about marketing and branding yourself? Most people just don't get it. When I say, get it, I mean they realize that you are your own brand. Learn how to make yourself your own brand!

  • An Interview With Amy Peters.

    Check out this great interview with the smart and beautiful Amy Peters. Amy is an amateur figure competitor that is on track to become a pro very soon.