Isaac Hinds


I have several years experience in advertising, branding, design and marketing. My career began as an art director for a large global advertising agency. After learning a great deal about advertising and marketing at this large firm, I decided it was time for a change and moved to Denver. While working at a small design firm, I partnered with clients that were appealing to me - sports, fitness and health-related. This partnership prompted me to start my own gig. Currently, I own and operate Lift Studios, a brand strategy and design firm.

I've always been involved in athletics and sports, but after college I found myself fat and out of shape. Disgusted with myself I decided to make a change and did Body-for-Life. After completing the challenge I was in better shape, better educated on nutrition and decided to get more involved with the bodybuilding and fitness community. I'm not someone who just talks about it - I workout regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Combining my love for design with fitness and the outdoors, I work with a number of bodybuilders, athletes, models, fitness/figure competitors on their Web sites and promotion. I look forward to sharing my knowledge on advertising and branding with you and how it can help you in your careers.


Name: Isaac Hinds
Residence: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Owner/Creative Director of Lift Studios
Hobbies: Art, Music, snowboarding, kayaking, weightlifting, surfing, hiking

A brand strategy and design firm providing branding, consulting, design, interactive and marketing services. While this is our emphasis, it isn't our sole focus. We work with large and small client across the globe.

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