The Muscle Asylum Project was conceived to transcend the limits and restrictions associated with conventional bodybuilding supplementation.

MAP was developed in order to research advanced stage experimental formulas that would be tested and proven on hardcore bodybuilding test subjects – true bonafide freaks.


  • Joel Stubbs Back Training: His Routine For A Massive Back!

    ?Big? Joel Stubbs is willing to do whatever it takes to grow his physique into something that will have everyone talking. Here?s a routine along with back-attack tips to build a massive back. Start here and build your own!

  • Supercharging Muscle Growth With Creatinol-O-Phosphate And Beta-Alanine!

    Emerging from stacks of cutting-edge clinical research are two powerful muscle- and strength-enhancing compounds: Creatinol-O-Phosphate & Beta-Alanine. Learn how they support muscle hypertrophy!

  • Intense Training To Increase Muscle Cell Volume!

    Muscle Cellular Volumization - Customize your training to take advantage of fluid dynamics, exploiting an alternative pathway to increase muscle size... learn more and try the sample chest routine to add size!