Dr. Squat


The late Fred Hatfield, Ph.D., (aka Dr. Squat) was the co-founder and president of The International Sports Sciences Association, an organization specializing in certifying personal fitness trainers worldwide, SportStrength Co., manufacturers of highest quality gym and fitness equipment, and ProPower, Inc., manufacturers of high quality performance supplements.

Hatfield wrote over 60 books (including several bestsellers) and hundreds of articles in the general areas of sports training, fitness, bodybuilding, and performance nutrition. Hatfield won the world championships three times in the sport of powerlifting, and at age 45 performed a competitive squat with 1014 pounds at a body weight of 255 pounds (more weight than anyone in history had ever lifted in competition). He was a training consultant to professional sports teams, sports governing bodies, and world-class and professional athletes.

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Career Best Lifts

  • Squat: 1014 pounds
  • Bench: 523 pounds
  • Deadlift: 766 pounds
  • Total: 2303 pounds

  • Snatch: 275 pounds
  • Clean and Jerk: 369 pounds
  • Olympic Lift Total: 645 pounds

  • Supertotal: 2948 pounds


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