John Berardi


John M Berardi, PhD, CSCS has been recognized as one of the top exercise nutrition experts in the world.

His work has been published in dozens of textbooks, peer-reviewed academic journals, and in countless popular exercise and nutrition books and magazines.

In addition, through his company, Precision Nutrition, Dr Berardi has worked with over 45,000 clients in over 97 countries. These clients span the spectrum from recreational exercisers all the way up to the athletic elite, including: The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Texas Longhorns, The Canada?s Olympic Ski Teams, Canada?s Olympic Bobsleigh and Skeleton Racers, World Champion UFC Fighters, Canada?s Olympic Speed Skaters, and more.

No stranger to elite athletics himself, Dr Berardi has competed at a high level in football, track and field, rugby, and power lifting. Further, he is a former Jr. Mr. USA champion.

In addition to this work, Dr. Berardi is active in two important, non-for profit organizations devoted to providing healthy food for those in need: The Healthy Food Bank and Spezzatino Magazine.

To take one of his free nutrition courses for men, women, or athletes, visit

John Berardi


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