Eyad H. Yehyawi



  • BS in Biology with minor in Chemistry from Quincy University-1999
  • NCAA Division II athlete at Quincy University in Baseball/Tennis-1995-2000
  • Certified as personal trainer in 1999.
  • Graduated Deans List with Honors while obtaining Doctorate from University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry-2004.
  • Completed post-graduate training at St. Louis VA Medical Center specializing in Ocular Disease-2005
  • Competed in Body-For-Life Challenge 2006 following stroke in 2005.
  • Competed in Natural Mania 2006 in New York City-2006
  • Named Mr. Exercise January 2007 by Exercise for Men Only magazine-2007
  • Published Book Transformation: Unlock Your True Potential detailing hormones, nutrition, supplementation, and training for natural athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders-2008


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 215 Lbs. Off Season, 195 Lbs. Contest

Long Term Goals:

  1. Continue to make gains in my physique through hard work and desire.
  2. Strive to keep up to date on all current studies pertaining to exercise physiology, supplementation and nutrition.
  3. Help 100 individuals reach their goals by 2009.

Specific Short Term Goals:

  1. To have my book Transformation reach as many individuals as possible in the next year.
  2. Set up personal training/nutrition website by 2009.

Quote I Live By:

    "Every person is the creation of themselves, an image of their own thinking and believing."