Meghan Kahnle


Meghan Kahnle is a Senior Graphic Designer for She received her bachelor's degree in graphic design from Oregon State University, where she also taught rock climbing and worked as a designer at the student recreation center. Training, Argentine tango dancing, rock climbing, cooking, painting, and smiling are just a few of her favorite activities.

Meghan has had the travel bug all her life and loves a good adventure, whether it is volunteering on a farm in the mountains of northern Italy, helping at a sled dog kennel in northern Sweden, or bungee jumping in New Zealand.

No stranger to food allergies and sensitivities, Meghan has spent the majority of her life as a food-conscious consumer. She cooks for herself, co-workers, friends, and family. Her most recent endeavors include experimenting and creating protein-packed versions of classic baked goods. She's always glad there are willing guinea pigs at work who happen to consume protein by the pound.



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