Vince Andrich


Vince Andrich has over twenty years of sports nutrition business experience at the executive level, in the areas of general management, sales, marketing and product development. His work is his passion, rooted at the early age of sixteen as a regular health food store consumer and bodybuilding enthusiast. Vince has managed and built several industry leading sports nutrition brands, but is well known for his ability to "re-invent" existing product lines.

Vince has a wide range of 'on the job' work experience including President of Fitness Express, a leading sports nutrition distributor, President of The Andrich Group and Vice President of Sports Nutrition with Weider Nutrition International. While at Weider Nutrition International, Vince was in charge of marketing, advertising, product development, seminars and internal education for all sports brands including American Bodybuilding. Additionally, Vince has worked in marketing and product development for MET-Rx USA as the Director of Marketing & Communications.

At EAS Vince served as Director of Sports Nutrition and authored The Sports Supplement Review, 4th Edition. Prior to that, Vince was VP of Sales & Marketing at Prolab Nutrition where he authored the groundbreaking, No Mistakes Guide to Building Your Best Body. Vince is a published author in several popular magazines including, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and was Sr. Contributor for Muscle Media.

A former NPC National Level Competitor, Vince has held numerous titles including, Overall Mr. Nevada and Mr. Las Vegas. Currently, Vince and industry veteran Ryan HornBuckle operate the consulting firm Gerstner and Associates Inc.

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