Rosie Chee


Fitness is Rosie's lifestyle. She loves pushing her body to its limits, to see how far it will go. It hasn't broken yet, but she is (and loves it!) walking that very fine line between extreme and progress. Rosie am a very 'driven' person. She sees where she is and where she wants to be, and she uses the stubborn willpower God gifted her with to get there.

In 2006, Rosie turned her attention from competing as a successful elite cyclist, to undertaking her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (graduated 2008). Initially, she chose to complete this degree, as being an elite athlete, she wanted to do everything possible to better her performance. However, as she progressed with study, her reasons changed to beyond what it could do for her, to using her knowledge and wealth of personal experience as an athlete, coach, and trainer, to help others achieve their sporting, fitness or health orientated goals.

Rosie is heavily involved in the health and fitness industry in a variety of roles, including as an athlete, exercise physiologist, fitness management and nutrition consultant, model, supplement company representative, trainer, and writer. Rosie thrive on challenges, continually progressing from strength to strength.

Rosie's Mission and Career Objective is: To be an inspiration to, and instil in males and females alike, an energy and passion for sport, health and fitness. To help others achieve their sporting, health and/or fitness orientated goals; providing quality and effective support and motivation for them in the pursuit of their goals, whilst educating them on how to make positive lifestyle choices and changes to improve their quality of life to keep getting the desired results.

She wants to be a role model for women to look up to re fitness. Women need to be better educated on the importance of using resistance training to achieve their body and fitness goals. Training with weights should neither intimidate nor scare them. She would like to see the many wrong mindsets among and about women and weight training be replaced by correct information and healthy attitudes. She also wants to drive home the fact that one does NOT have to starve or live on an endless diet to get and stay lean, and lead by example that "diet" is a LIFESTYLE nutrition plan that can be maintained and adjusted as required.

Rosie's Philosophy: "Of all the things one can become in life, I can think of nothing better to be than to be a Champion ... A Champion is a WARRIOR ..." No matter where she is, or what she is doing, this is what Rosie lives by, and she hopes to inspire others to it.

With a growing career in the fitness industry, Rosie relocated to the United States in late 2009.

Because the health and fitness industry is perpetually evolving, the professionals within it must always be learning and researching and evolving with it; therefore, Rosie will be undertaking her Masters in Science (Sport & Exercise) in 2011.


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