Maia Appleby


Maia Appleby is a certified personal trainer specializing in weight loss consultation who manages a fitness center in Florida.


  • Weight Training
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Mat Science
  • Lifestyle Consultation
  • CPR and First Aid

Maia created this website in April, 2001 to give real information, honest advice and productive support to people who want to lose weight.

Maia is also a freelance writer, regularly contributing to magazines and online publications on health, fitness, nutrition and parenting topics. Her most recent print articles include "Kids and the Caffeine Culture" (New Moon Network), "Four Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman" (MyBusiness Magazine) and "American Kids and Weight Problems" (Metro Parent Magazine).



  • High-Protein Diets: Are You Losing More Than Weight?

    Many people are putting their health at risk by eating too much protein. Excessive protein consumption, particularly animal protein, can result in heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.

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  • I Have A Cold: Should I Work Out?

    A recent study sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine indicates that exercising moderately while you have a common cold doesn't affect the severity or duration of the symptoms.

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    Your enjoyment of day-to-day and physical activities will also greatly benefit because you will have more stamina, less fatigue and less risk of injury. However, there are several precautions you should take to help maximize exercise safety.

  • What You Need To Know About Cholesterol!

    If your doctor has told you to lose a few pounds because your cholesterol is high, you may be frustrated with the new restrictions on your diet. Find out what cholesterol is, how to lower it and what foods to eat to help you lower it!

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    Well it's summer and not only have you not taken off that extra weight, you have horrors of horrors managed to gain weight during the summer. Check out these tips to take off the weight you gained during the winter!

  • How Food Becomes Body Fat!

    If you don't burn it off, it hangs around in your fat cells. It's that simple. If you want to lose weight, don't eat too much of anything -- and do exercise regularly.

  • Why Weight Training Helps You Burn Fat And Lose Weight!

    Women also do not become masculine-looking when they build muscle mass. If anything, they develop a more symmetrical, feminine shape. Learn how it can help YOU build muscle and lose fat!

  • Water Exercise: The Coolest Workout!

    Do you want to enjoy your outdoor summer exercise without that sweaty, sticky feeling? How about hopping in the pool and doing your workout the luxurious way? The pool just might be the only place where you can workout and not feel sweaty.