Andrew Beck


Andrew Beck is a certified personal trainer with three national certifications from the National Association of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise, & American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and holds two B.A.s from the University of Idaho. As a CPT, Andrew has worked in both commercial gym environments as well as a private consultant, and specializes in endurance sports conditioning.

He is a coach with the de facto gold standard multisport endurance training company in Boise, Idaho, Performance High LLC, which trains athletes of all backgrounds to compete at Olympic, Half-Iron, Ironman, and Ultra distance triathlons and endurance events around the US. Performance High consistently sends athletes to the World Triathlon Age Group Championships and the Boston Marathon, and produces more overall division champions at Northwest races than any other regional endurance training company.

Andrew recently rebounded from heart surgery in 2007 to compete at over 20 multisport events, including one 1st place podium finish. He is a product specialist with and enjoys contributing to the growing dialogue on healthy living, sports nutrition and supplementation, and performance endurance training.


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