Nic Hale


I have been lifting for 8 years now mainly for high school and college football. I have always wanted to look good but it wasn't until last year that I decided to devote my full attention to bodybuilding. I have been training specifically for bodybuilding for one full year now and have been in two drug free amateur shows.

I won first place in my first show in the Mountain States Classic Championship in Roy Ut. in the combined light heavy/heavy Novice class. My second show I came in looking even better and competed in the men's open light heavy weight class at the NGA Western States Championship competition. I took 1st in light heavy open and then went on to win overall "Mr. Western States Championship" and "Mr. Idaho" 2003.

I plan to continue bodybuilding and have an upcoming meet in November but will compete at the amateur level. I will not be accepting my NGA Pro card at this time. I want the chance to be able to get a few more titles under my belt and gain some more stage and overall experience.

As of right now I'm cutting down from 221 to 189, so I would like to gain a lot more lean muscle mass and maybe even compete as a heavyweight in the near future. I have had good luck and a lot of help from my friends with my diet and routines.

Name: Nic Hale
Years Bodybuilding: 1
Years Lifting: 7
Favorite Body Parts: Abdominals
Favorite Supplements: Protein Powders
and Creatine

Age: 22
Height: 6' 1"
Offseason 221 lbs.
Contest 185-190 lbs.
Location: Pocatello, Idaho
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