Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS


Chris Lockwood was launched into the fitness industry in 1993—literally. Driving home late one evening, he drove his company vehicle off the end of a highway under construction and soared head-first into a hillside. By the grace of God, he survived the crash without major injuries, but the accident was a turning point in his career. While in recovery, Lockwood promised himself that he'd return to graduate school and make a positive difference in this world. Lockwood achieved his goal of getting his master's degree and doctorate in exercise physiology, proving that no challenge is too great if you're focused on success.

In the 22 years since that fateful night, Lockwood's career has spanned from humble beginnings as a personal trainer and general manager of a Gold's Gym franchise to category director of the $260-million Diet, Energy, Food & Beverage category of General Nutrition Centers (GNC); from senior brand manager of the iconic sports-nutrition brand, American Body Building (ABB), to editor-in-chief of the equally iconic fitness magazines Muscle & Fitness and M&F Hers.

He has formulated and co-formulated hundreds of successful sports nutrition, diet, and nutritional supplements, invented several patent-pending ingredients and dietary supplements, consulted for some of the biggest names in fitness and dietary supplements, and has even had the surreal opportunity to work closely with some of the entertainment industry's most recognized celebrities.

Lockwood has raised over half a million dollars to support experimental research on the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements, and has over 50 peer-review publications and presentations to his credit. He has appeared in Muscle & Fitness, M&F Hers, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Oxygen, Iron Man, Fit Pregnancy, Muscular Development, as well as on and T-Nation.

Aside from his family and faith, his biggest passion is the fitness industry. Lockwood believes in leading by example—saying what you're going to do and doing it, being innovative and creative, never following or settling for the status quo of "this is how we've always done it," educating and supporting others, and, above all, being truthful, honest, and of the highest ethics—even if that position means you're standing alone on the plank among sharks.

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