Charles R. Poliquin


One of the great innovators in modern training, Charles R. Poliquin has helped numerous pro athletes and bodybuilders, as well as Olympic medalists in over a dozen sports, reach their full potential. Along the way, he also helped popularize the German volume training (GVT) protocol, thick-bar training, and many other tried-and-true training, nutrition, and supplementation techniques.

An accomplished author, Poliquin has written for several publications and websites, including Muscle Media 2000,, Iron Man, Huffington Post, Flex, Muscular Development, T-Nation, Muscle and Fitness, and Sports Review, and has produced many manuals for his international training certifications and several books. His works have been translated into 24 different languages.


  • Adam Nelson, Olympic champion in shot put and most-medalled man in the history of shot put
  • Dwight Phillips, Olympic gold medalist in long jump
  • Al MacInnis, Olympic gold medalist in ice hockey
  • Cathy Millen, World champion in powerlifting IPF

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