John Gray


Favorite Body Parts: Lats, hamstrings, chest!
Favorite Exercise: Decline bench press, pull-ups, hack squats
Favorite Supplements: Nitrotech, Celltech hardcore, weider creatine ATP, ECA stack, l-glutamine, move free by Schiff
Hobbies: Reading, softball!
Favorite Bodybuilders: Frank Zane and anyone truly NATURAL who has the balls to take it to the stage


  • The Will To Win: My Story!

    The story begins just over a year and a half ago, and it chronicles my transition from avid weightlifter to Champion Bodybuilder. Oh yeah, and the bumps and bruises and obstacles that I encountered along the way.

  • Fastest, Easiest, Guaranteed Method Of...

    Find out the truth behind all those ads you see in the mags. Don't fall for the hype... find out what really works.

  • Hardcore: 9 Ways To Get Mentally Prepared For Competition!

    What are the most important factors in determining a bodybuilder's success? I suppose there are probably as many answers to this question as there are bodybuilders concerned with it.