Cassie Dionne


Cassie Dionne is the lead physical therapist at Taylored Training Fitness Studio in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where her goal is to change the way physical therapy is done. Frustrated from hearing athletes complain about going to a therapist who simply put them on a machine for 20 minutes and gave them boring, ineffective exercises, Cassie and the team at Taylored Training decided to take action and revolutionize the way Physical Therapy was practiced.

Cassie believes that physical therapy should be hands-on, manual, and exercise-based, with clients seeing noticeable improvements each and every session. She works closely with the coaching team, and together they know that the key to successful treatment is the integration of physical therapy and fitness training, allowing clients to succeed in achieving long-term success.

Cassie received her Masters of Science in physical therapy as well as her bachelor's in physical and health education from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. While at school, Cassie was heavily involved with university level athletics, working as a therapist with the varsity teams at the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s University.

Since that time, Cassie has attended countless conferences, seminars, and courses in topics including functional rehabilitation, soft tissue release, manual therapy, and a variety of other assessment and treatment techniques. Recently she has also completed her training in pelvic health physiotherapy, allowing her to work with people of all ages who suffer from dysfunctions of the pelvic floor including most types of incontinence (including stress incontinence that can occur during physical activity), pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse.

In addition to her work, Cassie has also undergone her own physical transformation, losing over 100 pounds.