Kim Brown


A Registered Dietitian with a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology & a contributing writer for Triathlete Magazine, Peak Running Performance, & Her Fitness and Sports, Kim enjoys sharing her knowledge & personal athletic experiences with athletes worldwide.

She has worked with athletes ranging from the recreational to elite level, helping them fine tunetheir nutrition for optimal health & peak performance through detailed analyses of diet & training.

As a competitive endurance athlete herself, with personal bests of 17:37 for the 5k, 1:24 for the 1/2 marathon, 3:13 for the marathon, a 4:54 for the 1/2 Ironman, & a 11:56 effort for Ironman Idaho in grueling 95 degree heat, Kim can relate to your nutritional concerns during endurance training. Kim recently qualified and competed at the 2004 Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Kim Mueller, MS, RD, Sports Nutritionist


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"Kim's race-specific advice helped me conquer the extremely difficult Ironman France course leaving me as one of the few who felt great at the end?even after pushing on the hilly run in extreme heat."
- JF, marathoner & Ironman triathlete

"Kim has worked with me over the past few months helping me to prepare for RAAM (Race Across America). RAAM is a 3,000 mile race across various terrains of the United States from Portland, Oregon to Florida that involves 24 hours a day of non-stop racing. Her assistance has proven to be of great help to me as my endurance and energy levels increased during training. Her sample diet during the race was very helpful. It kept my energy levels up as well as my recovery times down."
- JN, cyclist

"Since my first session with Kim 2 months ago, I have lost 11 pounds of body fat. I feel like I am finally on my way to getting my pre-baby shape back."
- NK, new mother & runner

"Since starting the personalized meal plan you designed for me, I have more energy and stamina than I ever thought possible. My endurance and performance has enhanced beyond my expectations in a short period of time. I truly believe this development is attributable to Kim?s expertise and vast knowledge of an athlete?s nutritional requirements."
- AJ, cyclist

"Thank you for an EXCELLENT clinic at Fleet Feet last night. You really helped me make sense of a lot of stuff that I've read but never really was able to put together. I'll be making a bunch of calculations to hopefully get me through Mrs. T's Triathlon a bit better this year!"
- KJ, triathlete

"Your pre-race and race-day nutrition plan worked excellent. I stuck to the plan and felt fantastic during the whole race. With all of your help and counseling, I feel that the 4th element of triathlon - nutrition - may finally be solved. In addition, my weight loss was sure noticeable during the run."
- JW, triathlete

"I did Wildflower in 7:37. I even got my fastest swim time 0:42. It was a great race. All my buddies were passed out in the heat. I followed your instruction like a prescription pad. The race was in 90 degree heat. I drank 40 ounces per hour on the bike and run. I drank about 2000 calories. I came to the finish line with a big smile on my face.I am in high spirits because I was able to achieve my goal. Thanks to you!"
- DW, triathlete