Brooks Robertson


Brooks Robertson, former athlete and writer based out of Tallahassee, Florida, shines once again. The last competition he won was the NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in April 2001.

Brooks has once again turned heads but this time not by himself. The former champ has relocated to the south-west suburbs of Chicago. Brooks opened B-fitness Training & Nutrition in Oswego, Illinois.

B-Fitness is a private fitness center that trains sport specific athletes, bodybuilders, and figure competitors. Brooks? staff of professional trainers create pre-post contest diets, posing routines, suit selection, weight training program, and music preparation.

B-Fitness utilizes for supplements, Pro-Tan, and Posing suits for all there athletes. Brooks Robertson and B-Fitness can be found at

B-Fitness trains over a hundred NPC and NGA bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors nation wide each year. You can look for Brooks? monthly bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition articles at

Name: Brooks Robertson
Birth City: Aurora, IL
Birth Date: 11/10/77
Current Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Occupation: Sales Director: Gold's Gym Downtown
Years Training: 2
OffSeason Weight: 205 lbs
Contest Weight: 154 1/4 lbs - 160 lbs
  • April - 2001 NPC Souther USA Bodybuilding Championships, Panama City, Florida - 1st Place (Lightweight Division)
  • March - 2001 NPC Capital City Bodybuilding Championships, Tallahassee, Florida - Runner-Up (Middleweight Division)
  • April - 2000 NPC South Seven Championships, Tallahassee, Florida - Runner-Up (Lightweight Division)
  • April - 2000 NPC North Florida Bodybuilding Championships, Tallahassee, Florida - Runner-Up (Lightweight Division)


  • How I Do It!

    My name is Brooks Robertson and I have been seriously training to be a competitive bodybuilder for approximately two years. In this short time, the biggest component of training that I have learned is to listen to my body.