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  • The Titrate Delivery Revolution!

    In 1993 when creatine monohydrate legitimized the natural supplement industry by delivering size and strength within weeks with bonified clinical research to back it! Find out how to get rid of the cramping and diarrhea!

  • Is All ALA The Same?

    Learn why all ALA is not the same, how it can benefit diabetics, all about r-ala and how it can be used for anti-aging and antioxidents and more...

  • 3 Great Workout Programs.

    If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or build mass, try one of these great workout programs! Learn the secrets of getting huge from one of largest supplement distributors in the world!

  • Advanced Athletic Leg Training: Complete Neuromuscular Overload.

    Leg strength contributes to speed, power, balance and agility, key components in almost all sports. Traditional resistance training programs typically overlook single-leg exercises due to their difficulty and awkwardness ...

  • Post-Workout Supplementation For The Athlete.

    The easiest way to ensure an anabolic response to resistance training is through a proper and consistent scheduling of nutritionally balanced meals. Learn why!

  • An Interview With Jared Tomich.

    Jared, at only 6' 2, has to work hard to keep his weight and strength up to match the offensive line in today's trenches. We must preface this interview by stating that it was a pleasure to talk with Jared.

  • Volume Manipulation: Overtraining For Overgrowth!

    Volume manipulation can help you make new muscle and strength gains. Use this 4-week program of overtraining and then tapering down back to normal to bust through your current plateaus!

  • Vitamins E & C: Why The RDA May Be Wrong!

    Is it possible that the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for certain vitamins such as E and C could be too low? Well to be frank, yes! But the question that needs to be asked is whether higher doses confer additional benefits?

  • The Scientifically Proven Approach To Training And Nutrition: Part 2!

    Learn the secrets of the pro's to get in the best shape possible with proper nutrition!

  • Nutritional Myths That Just Won't Die!

    Of all the myths that surface from time to time, the protein myth seems to be the most deep rooted and pervasive. It just won't go away.

  • The Scientifically Proven Approach To Training And Nutrition!

    In part one of this two part series, we will discuss how to use science to get freaky huge! Learn all the secrets...