Jay Johnson


Jay Johnson (CSCS) is a certified personal trainer, fitness model and writer based out of Charlotte, NC. Working out for nearly ten years and training for seven of them, Jay has bettered the bodies of a wide variety of clientele from former Miss USAs to top strength and endurance athletes. In 2009, Jay obtained his BA in Psychology from East Carolina University while minoring in Biology. Jay's writing can be found on Bodybuilding.com addressing issues that many of us face in the gym ranging from motivation, to technique, to choosing the correct foods to eat on a daily basis. Jay's training philosophies are one of a kind; reflecting years of research and much hands on testing in the gym these newly created techniques and principles will revolutionize the way we work out on a daily basis. Although very different, these unique training programs and techniques have built average bodies into obtained goals at a greatly accelerated pace when compared to our more traditional training protocols of the past.

Spring 2012 marks the dawn of Jay's newest project, Muscle Lab Performance, which will utilize his newer and more superior (not to mention) more condensed and efficient methods to create better bodies everywhere. If interested in obtaining your goals on an accelerated path while looking better than you ever thought was possible, visit www.facebook.com/musclelabperformance for more information on rates and to get started!