Don Lemmon


I am currently 225, 5'10" workout every now and then, have a 33 inch waist, bench 315 for 10 reps cold, squat 315 for 20 reps cold, over head press 185 for 10 reps cold, curl 185 on a barbell for reps, run a 5 minute mile, practice hard core fighting, have long hair.

I have been a writer in Hollywood for 10 years. I was born in Warren Ohio September 4 1968 and went to medical school in Southern California. I do not claim nor use my degrees in my work because in attaining them the goal was clear. I must fill in the loose gaps left in that schooling and try to help people. Physicians are for the most part mechanics and salesmen. They get percentages for their work, only do as much as they have to which insures they will see you again and make more money plus they aren't taught how all of this works so the circle isn't broken and society remains at their mercy.

No other position in society outside of politics holds the fear of a doctor's iron fist of approval. It is big business. Not to discredit the entire industry, just enough of it to actually help people. Get them fixing themselves, preventing issues and doing things without drugs.

I wrote my first book in 1989 and by 1997 settled on a version which we know now as Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW which has actually out sold the major diets online for several years now. Sounds far fetched for someone not in book stores but believe me, if someone was really selling as many books as the NY Times wants you to believe, we would all have had a copy of these supposed best sellers. That's just marketing hype.

And besides, I didnt write my book so book stores could make the profit. I want paid for my work as much as anyone else who sincerely cares about their time does.

Don Lemmon's KNOW HOW


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