Josh New, MS, RD, CI-CPT


As a former Tight End for the University of Oklahoma football team, Josh New knows the importance of exercise. He has maintained a Personal Trainer certification from the world-renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX since 2011. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Health and Exercise Science in 2012, Josh went on to earn a dual Master's degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in both Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences. Shortly thereafter he completed a six-month, supervised-practice, dietetic/nutrition internship and completed rotations through the top-ranked Texas Medical Center, which included positions at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Children's Hospital, earning him the accreditation of Registered Dietitian.

Josh is in pursuit of staying at the forefront of evidence-based nutrition and exercise and currently has a manuscript in review for publication to a national research journal. Josh knows that all nutrition and exercise professionals will perpetually remain students and seeks to disseminate accurate information to all who are interested.