Big Time Jimmy Sadek


Meet James Sadek, the 22 old who is planning to take on the world and if his past success is anything to go by, will make it.

James is a young man who has managed to do something rarely seen in this day and age; he has found the right balance in his life and has managed to develop his mind and body. James is in a peak physical condition and he has all his marbles well and truly under control.

James Sadek is a sales representative and an account manager for a sports supplement company and he is also a physical education teacher. In fact James was a star student at the Australian College of Physical Education based at Homebush, which he graduated from and which awarded him a full scholarship.

Since finishing his studies James has taught at St. James College teaching Chinese students personal development, health and physical education in the Australian System.

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His life motto:
    "Don't just think about things but do them and don't stress and worry over things you have no control over."
  • Thigh - 25.5 inches
  • Waist/hip - 36 inch
  • Chest - 45 inch
  • Weight - 213 Lbs. (96.5kg)
  • Contest weight - 183 Lbs. (83kg)
Sadek in Newspaper


    1996 - 1999 - Boys aged Champion at local Club
    1997 - 1999 - NSW State Swimming Representative
    1998 - 1999 - Overall Club Champion
    1998 - 2001 - School Aged Champion


    WNSO - ANB Mr Teenage Australia 2002
    WNSO - ANB Mr Teenage NSW 2002

    IFBB Mr Jr. Australia 2005
    IFBB Mr Jr. NSW 2005
    WNSO - ANB Jr. Mr Central Coast 2005

* Currently training for the WNSO Bodybuilding Championships being held in Toronto Canada in June 2006.


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