Zach Marcy


I've been involved with the Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness industry since my middle teens (1990). In the time that I've been in the industry I've taken a no nonsense, straight forward, aggressive persuit of bodybuilding excellence. One of my main philosophies is that we always have room to improve mentally, physically and spiritually.

I believe in doing my due dilligence on the latest supplements, workouts, diets and mental approaches. Once I have figured out enough about a supplement, workout routine or mental technique I put it to practice or dump it. If something is useful it's usually assimilated into my arsenal of knowledge and used consistently in improving my life or in my health, fitness and bodybuilding consulting business with others.

Click To Enlarge My 2001 Body-For-Life Pics!

My current challenge is assisting people in creating the Generation Z bodies of the next decade. My technology company has also paired with my personal trainer and bodybuilding consulting business. The result is an incredible journal software name Body Blog created for any gym users to track their workout progress and share it with the world. Body Blog has a basic version for anyone to use, a Body Blog Pro model for more serious bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, and Body Blog Trainer for a trainer to have all of his or her clients keep record of their trainings.

Some of my achievements and accomplishments include:

  • BA in Psychology from Georgia State University. I currently use various psychological techniques to enhance and focus the mind in delivering peak physical and mental transformations.
  • Award winning bodybuilder:
    Contest History... 3rd Middle Weight 2003 Georgia State Championships
  • Certified personal trainer from 1993 - 1995 at World Gym in Atlanta.
  • ACE Certified personal trainer 2002-2005
  • Top 100 finisher in the 2001 Body For Life Challenge.
  • Former martial artist that trained and competed for 8 years.
  • Model and developer for Body Blog online fitness journal software (
  • Featured in Atlanta Sports Magazine for involvement in the WishLift charity event

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Years Bodybuilding: Since 1990
Favorite Body Parts: Quads
Favorite Exercise: Squats
Favorite Supplements: Whey Protein
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, web design
Favorite Bodybuilders: Jay Cutler, Troy Alves, King Kamali, Dorian Yates, Franco Colombu.
Height: 5'7
Offseason: 230lbs
Contest Weight: Light Heavy
Chest: 43
Calves: 16.5
Legs: 27
Arms: 16.5
Waist: Between 29-34


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