Dino Pierce


Read articles by a great natural bodybuilder who resides in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Dino's ultimate goal is to become an IFBB competitor by the year 2006. Stay tuned and enjoy the articles. Name: Dino Paul Pierce
Height: 5'3/4"
Contest Weight: 126-135lbs
Off-Season Weight: 145-160lbs
Ultimate Goal: Earn Professional Status under the IFBB's Sanctioning Organization by the age 30.
Birth Date: 4-22-76
Birth Place: South Eastern Louisiana
Country: United States of America
Ethnicity: Cajun French
Education: High School, Military Intelligence NMITC, College (B.S. Dietetics), ADA Accredited Internship.
Occupation: Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Amateur Bodybuilder (Lifetime Natural), Certified Fitness Trainer, & Writer.
Web Community: http://communities.msn.com/Bodylifting4Life/home
Favorite Supplements: Creatine, L-Glutamine, Multivitamins, and Protein

Click HERE for my Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week profile! Bodybuilding Accomplishments
1992 Acadiana Extravaganza (Teen/17 & Under) - 2nd place.
1992 Morgan City Classic (Teen/17 & Under) - 3rd place.
1994 Natural Mr. Teen Louisiana - 1st place.
1994 Men’s Novice Lightweight Mr. Natural Louisiana - 3rd place.
2000 Southern Classic Bantam Division - 1st place.
2000 Mr. New Orleans Bantam Division - 2nd place.
2001 “Muscle Mania” Lightweight Division - 1st place.
2002 Southern Classic Bantam Division - 1st place.
2002 Mr. New Orleans Lightweight Division - 2nd place.
2002 Mr. Louisiana Bantam Division - 2nd place.
2003 Mr. Louisiana Bantam Division - 1st place.
2003 Southern Classic Bantam Division - 2nd place.
2003 Mr. New Orleans Lightweight Division - 2nd place.
2003 Greater Gulf States - 1st place.
2003 Southern States - 5th place.
2003 Men’s Open NPC Louisiana Grand Prix - 2nd place.

Powerlifting Accomplishments
2000 State Rookie Meet (148lb class) - 2nd place.
2000 The University Cup (148lb class) - 2nd place.
2000 Broke LA St. Colligate Bench Press record 281lbs.
2001 Collegiate Nationals (148lb class) - 5th place.
NSU (vs.) LSU (148lb class) - 1st place.
2001, April 28 Broke LA State Collegiate Bench record 300lbs 2nd attempt, 310lbs 3rd attempt.
2001 USPF South Texas Powerlifting Championships 1st place (148lb class), Below Class I & Overall Best Lifter.