Cassandra Davies


Cassandra Davies grew up playing sports. Her first exposure to weight training came as part of a physical therapy rehabilitation program following knee surgery, from a softball injury in 1980. Her recovery brought her back to the game of softball faster and stronger than before and she was hooked. In 1982, she went to Idaho State University on a softball scholarship. At Idaho State, she focused on building her strength and became a favorite of some of the football players who encouraged her to push beyond her mental limits. She became the strongest player on the team at that time.

Back in California, Cassandra continued bodybuilding and strength training, and it served her well in her job in law enforcement. In 1996, at the age of 35, Cassandra suffered a heart attack just after finishing a workout. There were no instances of early heart problems in her family history and she had been healthy all of her life. It wasn't until years later, thanks to a doctor who listened to what Cassandra intuitively felt about her body that she learned she had a metabolic condition that caused a host of problems, all of which contributed to the heart attack. Cassandra now keeps her heart healthy with diet and exercise.

In 2004 she completed a 111-mile century bicycle ride as a goal to take back her body, and is on the road to attaining her ideal level of fitness. Cassandra left law enforcement in 1999 and in 2005 began training in massage therapy. Her focus is on clinical deep tissue massage, where she enjoys helping people relieve their pain and get back to doing what they love. Cassandra now lives and trains in Redwood City, California.