Jin-Hyuck, Choi


Today Jin-Hyuck is with Anabolic-Korea as a chief editor (On-line magazine) and specializes in English translation at the graduate school Hankuk Aviation University.

Very few Koreans can write bodybuilding articles in English so well as Jin-Hyuck, Choi. He is probably one of the rare editors in Korea.

As an editor and freelance translator, he is interested in interviews and competition reviews of bodybuilding. Although he is only in his twenties this guy has 5 years experience in the field.

He hopes to play an active part in USA ON/OFF-line bodybuilding magazines as an editor/translator and wants to introduce valuable information of bodybuilding to Korea.

    Name: Jin-Hyuck Choi
    Residence: Korea
    Occupation: Editor, Translator
    Education: Bachelor's degree in chemistry/physical education
    Working on a master's degree in English translation
    Born: 1979
    Height: 183.5cm
    Weight: 88kg


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