Lisa Sutton


Lisa Sutton is one of Michigan's most knowledgeable and experienced trainers. With a background in military medical services, Ms. Sutton was awarded the highest personal training certification offered by the International Sports Sciences Association. A former bodybuilder and Ms. Mid-Michigan, Lisa has trained hundreds of individuals with a variety of health &fitness goals over the past 17 years.

With an emphasis on form, motivation and her ability to find just the right intensity level, Lisa has helped people lose fat, increase energy, get stronger, build bones and muscles, and design and adjust diets for lifelong health and fitness.

Location: Macomb, Michigan
Height: 5'6"
Contest weight: 128 lbs; Off-Season 140 lbs
Years Bodybuilding: 20
Occupation: Retired Personal Fitness Trainer of 17 years; Massage Therapist: 5 years; Fitness Consultant: 2 years.
Favorite Bodypart: Chest (it responds and develops the best!)
Favorite Exercise: Bench Press
Hobbies: Roller skating, watching movies, reading and writing.
Reluctant Bodyparts: Calves, Rear Delt

  • 1992 Flint Mid-Michigan Great Lakes Natural Bodybuilding Contest, 1st and overall winner.
  • 1994 Great Lakes Natural Bodybuilding Contest, 3rd place.
  • I am returning to the stage in the very near future fuller, harder and more muscular than ever before!!


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