Hobart Swan


Prior to joining WeMotivate Media as a senior content editor, Hobart Swan produced health content for CBS Radio. He was also a health-content specialist at Healthwise, the nation’s largest patient-centered healthcare-information publisher.


  • The Spark: Megghan Shroyer

    A medical condition forced Megghan Shroyer to make major changes in her life. She's a different person now, and she's not looking back.

  • 30-Minute Kick-Ass Arm Workout

    Do this workout from Courtney Gardner once a week or whenever you don't have a lot of time. It'll keep your arms strong, sculpted, and sexy!

  • The Next Generation Of Fitness Apps Is Heading Your Way. Fast!

    Once, fitness devices did no more than capture various metrics like heart rate and steps taken. A new generation is combining sensors, devices, and software to move from fitness tracking to fitness teaching.

  • Leg-Day Workout For Aspiring Powerlifters

    Powerlifting is a full-body pursuit, but critical to success is a pair of very powerful legs. Follow along with Natasha Aughey as she slowly moves one hell of a lot of weight.

  • The Spark: Peter Georgopolous

    Peter Georgopolous's own weight problems didn't seem to bother him enough to spur a change. Then, his son started heading in the same direction, and it was time to step up and become a better role model.

  • Instagram Star Jen Selter Deplaned For Attempted Sarcasm

    Despite the social media uproar that follows every time, an airline has once again removed a passenger from an airplane for only the thinnest of pretexts. This time, they picked on someone with 11.5 million social media followers. Bad idea.

  • The Easiest, Best-Tasting Way To Prep Protein

    You've tried grilling, roasting, broiling, barbecuing, and stir-frying your food. All too often, your protein comes out underdone or overcooked. This simple method will give you perfectly cooked meat every single time.

  • No-Mercy Shoulder-Pump Workout

    It's been said that Cassandra Martin is a beauty who trains like a beast. Yup. Get ready for a non-stop, front-to-back shoulder workout that'll run you ragged.

  • The Spark: Sharon Wigger

    Sharon Wigger has faced teenage motherhood, comfort eating, family tragedy, and humiliation, yet still found a way to triumph. Now, she's ready to help others do the same.

  • Evan Centopani's Big Lifts, Big Back Routine

    When a pro's workout contains only five exercises in it—and four of them are supersetted—you can pretty much count on getting your ass handed to you. Centopani does not disappoint.

  • Ron "Boss" Everline's Lower-Body Power Workout

    This workout from the Boss has got to be the ultimate leg finisher for lower-body power. This combo of lunges, sprints, and sled work will have you panting like a worn-out dog before it's over.

  • Obliterate Your Deadlift PR With These 5 Moves

    How did world-champion powerlifter Cailer Woolam learn to deadlift so damn much, so damn fast? He says it all comes down to these movements.

  • Ladies' Lower-Body Muscle-Building Workout

    Who doesn't want sculpted glutes and legs? Here's a workout from NLA for Her-sponsored athlete Amy Updike that will shape your lower half into top form.

  • Not-So-EZ-Bar Arm Workout

    Shawn Stafford loves using the EZ-bar to train arms, but there's nothing even remotely "easy" about his actual workout. Get ready for some brutal supersets and skullcrushers!

  • This Montana Town Gave Its Children A Fighting Chance Through Strength

    Livingston, Montana, has seen some rough days that dented many residents' self-confidence—especially the younger ones. All it took was some sweat, tears, and iron to show them that people cared.

  • The Spark: James Holliman

    A little dad bod is cool, but when James Holliman's torso started looking like a group of dad bods, he knew it was time to get back to his good old ways.

  • Hunter Delfa's Sick Ab Workout

    Do these six ab exercises hard and fast, and the next day you'll need a rope to pull yourself out of bed.

  • Give The Gift Of Fitness To Underserved High School Athletes

    Many high school athletes across the country try to work out on battered equipment and broken machines in dark, run-down weight rooms. This Giving Tuesday, November 28th, why not reach out and give them a hand?

  • Get The Benefits Of Cardio In A Fraction Of The Time!

    Here's some good news if you're pressed for time! Research shows that very short, high-intensity workouts can actually deliver the same health benefits as much longer periods of moderate exercise.

  • Blow-Up-Your-Chest Workout

    Dymatize-sponsored athlete Mike Hildebrandt packs a lot of chest-ripping exercises into this workout. And the results speak for themselves. It isn't easy, but it's worth it!