Hobart Swan


Hobart Swan formerly wrote and edited for Bodybuilding.com. He also worked as a producer of health content for CBS Radio, and as a health-content specialist at Healthwise, the nation’s largest patient-centered healthcare-information publisher. Swan is based in Boise, Idaho.


  • 3 Workouts That Are Insanely Effective At Building Hams And Glutes

    Nothing makes your butt muscles shrink faster than sitting in a chair all day. If you want a backside that will power you in the gym and everywhere else, here's where to start!

  • Meg Squats' Quick Back Workout

    Don't have all morning or afternoon, but want to give some TLC to your back? Meg Squats has a short workout for you that'll give you a chance to fire up your lats and middle back muscles.

  • Abel Albonetti's Workout for Back Annihilation

    This 10-exercise workout targets every muscle in your back. But it's not for the faint of heart. See if you have what it takes. This one's gonna hurt.

  • Are Some Pre-Workouts Better For Women?

    Many pre-workout servings are calculated with large, muscular men in mind. Some supp makers create special formulas just for women but, in general, women would be well-served to start with less than a full serving of pre-workout and see how it feels.

  • Who Should Or Shouldn't Take A Pre-Workout?

    The people who benefit the most from a pre-workout exercise with intensity. If you lift light weights and do a little cardio, you probably won't feel the effects.

  • What Ingredients Are In High-Quality Pre-Workouts?

    Caffeine is the main active ingredient in most pre-workouts. Some may contain other ingredients that increase blood flow, increase endurance, or help stimulate muscle tissue.

  • What Is A Pre-Workout Supplement?

    When taken prior to an exercise session, the ingredients in pre-workouts will increase your energy, focus, pain tolerance, or force production by the time you hit the gym.

  • Are Pre-Workouts Safe?

    If you plan on taking a pre-workout, or any other supplement, you need to become a label-reader. Look for brands that have been tested by reputable third-party inspectors.

  • Do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

    Yes, but supplements are just one piece of the puzzle. You also need good nutrition, sleep, proper training, and a goal to shoot for. Get those all lined up and pre-workout can help you get there.

  • Should I Buy Or Make My Pre-Workout Supplement?

    Unless you stick to some very basic formulas, your odds of creating an effective pre-workout--and doing it for less than what you'd pay over the counter--are not great. But there's no law against it.

  • What Are Pre-Workout Supplements And How Do They Work?

    Pre-workout supps are designed to put a little kick in your step so you can make the most of your gym trip. Find out what ingredients are in most pre-workouts, what they do, and how pre-workouts help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Can't I Just Have Coffee Or An Energy Drink Before A Workout?

    These will definitely give you a buzz, but there's more to a good workout than feeling the rush. Most good pre-workouts contain other ingredients that prepare your body to work hard and add new muscle.

  • What If I'm Sensitive To Stimulants?

    Supplement makers understand that not everyone likes caffeine or other popular stimulants, and work hard to find alternatives to get people energized before their workout.

  • How Can I Prevent Feeling Jittery After I Take A Pre-Workout?

    Caffeine is known for making people jittery, so try other kinds of pre-workouts. Having a small meal with your pre-workout can help, too.

  • Can I Take Other Supplements If I Take Pre-Workouts?

    Yes, indeed. Just make sure the ingredients in your pre-workout—especially stimulants—don't show up in large doses in the other supps you take.

  • When Should I Take A Pre-Workout?

    It takes some time for the ingredients in your pre to get to your muscles. By taking the supplement 30-60 minutes before you hit the gym (not as you're pulling into the parking lot), you'll be good to go.

  • Abel Albonetti's Five-Alarm Hamstring Workout

    Everybody wants strong legs, but sometimes the hamstrings get lost amid the quad and glute exercises. With this workout, your hammies will be able to hold their own, and then some.

  • Complete Protein Guide: What Is Protein And How Much To Take

    Get the real info about how much protein to eat, when to eat it, and the best high-protein foods. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just stay healthy, learn how it all starts with protein!

  • Can Protein Powder Help You Build Muscle?

    Absolutely! Some powders are faster absorbing than others, so they can get the muscle-building process into gear sooner.

  • How Much Protein Should I Take To Lose Weight?

    There's more to losing weight than reducing calories. Protein helps you get there in two ways.