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Intensity Magazine has over 40 issues to date. With over 20 writers, along with world reknown writers, they are growing into a well developed site with great articles. With names like Coach Davies, The Renegade, and Chris Korfist, there is no doubt that will continue to grow!

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  • Dynamic Mobility, Part 4!

    Long breaks are customary in education. Vacations do not harm student's acquisition of knowledge. A human body, however, behaves differently. Long breaks in training ruin physical fitness and athletic performance...

  • Dynamic Mobility, Part 3!

    As we dive deeper into our agility practice, we find that sessions are structured to maximize motor learning and retention. We can also see that each drill serves a purpose in the bigger plan...

  • Dynamic Mobility, Part 2!

    Deeply rooted in our agility program are the strength and flexibility work that we do. We never forget the importance of taking your lifts through a full range of motion. As you see, each function of training overlaps...

  • Multi-Planar Bridging: What Is It & How Can It Help Me?

    Bridging, for some ungodly reason, is held to be the panacea of bodyweight exercise. Why on Earth I have no idea. Spinal flexibility benefits all athletes. Find out what multi-planer bridging is and how it can help you!

  • Motivation From Within.

    Over and over you hear the same words being spoken about the lack of motivation being displayed in our young athletes today. Learn why and how to get your players motivated!

  • The Importance Of Motor Skill Development.

    One benefit that we tend to over look with GPP is motor skill development. In a recent training session with a high-level hockey player, I noticed something that Coach Davies has been stressing since day one: GPP is great for developing motor skills.

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Seven.

    To help answer some questions, this week I will talk about some of the observations I have made while performing wheelbarrow GPP myself and watching the athletes at our Athletic Performance Center perform wheelbarrow GPP.

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Six.

    Learn the importance of adding GPP to your program, whether it be powerlifting or for an upcoming football season.

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Five.

    Now that we have the two necessary pieces of equipment for performing wheelbarrow GPP, the all-important wheelbarrow and the weight, we must now decide where to do this amazing exercise.

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Four.

    Let's talk some more about equipment for the wheelbarrow GPP. Last issue we discussed the all-important and necessary wheelbarrow. Now let's talk about another piece of equipment that is needed and helps complete the Wheelbarrow GPP: weight!

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Three.

    Let's talk equipment. What do you need to be able to perform the Wheelbarrow GPP? A good old fashioned wheelbarrow, some weight, a surface to walk on and if you want great results from this form of GPP, a determination and a will to succeed ...

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part Two.

    Did you try it yet? If you did, what did you think? Pretty amazing what this new exercise does to you for only a short period of time! Were you sore the next day? I am after doing wheelbarrow GPP yesterday. Find out how it can help you!

  • Wheelbarrow GPP: Part One.

    A year ago I started to write about a new and different type of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) exercise: Sledgehammer GPP. Because of the overwhelming response, I feel it is about time we add a brother to the weighted GPP family: Wheelbarrow GPP!

  • Defeat Self-Inflicted Failure!

    The deepest pitfall for both competitive athletes and people in general is the spirit of fear. Learn about the different types of fear and effective ways to defeat your greatest fears.

  • An Interview With Andy Macdonald.

    I know the readers will enjoy the opportunity to hear from not only one of the great skateboarders of our era but one of the finest ambassadors for it as well. Find out how he got started, who he used to ride with and his ride through the WHITE HOUSE!

  • Catching Up With The Miracle Boy, Dave Mirra.

    For those of you who don't know Dave Mirra, he's the guy you might see on the Slim Jim display at your local deli, or the dude in a TV commercial saying hello to his spleen that floats peacefully in a jar. He has won more X Games medals than any...

  • The Elimidiet For High School Athletes.

    As a high school coach I find that one of the biggest hurdles that I face with my athletes is diet. Most high school athletes have a horrible diet.

  • Reactive Strength: De-SISS-ifying Pushups.

    What you are about to read will curl the toes of those that worship at the alter of canonized calisthenics. The following is only for Renegade eyes and not for those who hold to the gospel of KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

  • Reactive Strength: Neck Mobility For MMA And Boxing.

    Recently a few fighters and coaches asked me how to prevent concussions and knock-outs in MMA. Learn how to improve your strength and agility too!

  • An Interview With Kelly Slater!

    It's an amazing life for Kelly Slater. The 30-year-old Florida native spent his formative years churning up the Atlantic ocean, winning hundreds upon hundreds of Amateur surfing events up and down the Eastern Seaboard...