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Intensity Magazine has over 40 issues to date. With over 20 writers, along with world reknown writers, they are growing into a well-developed site with great articles. With names like Coach Davies, The Renegade, and Chris Korfist, there is no doubt that will continue to grow!

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  • The Importance Of Motor Skill Development

    One benefit that we tend to over look with GPP is motor skill development. In a recent training session with a high-level hockey player, I noticed something that Coach Davies has been stressing since day one: GPP is great for developing motor skills.

  • Wheelbarrow GPP

    A year ago I started to write about a new and different type of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) exercise: Sledgehammer GPP. Because of the overwhelming response, I feel it is about time we add a brother to the weighted GPP family: Wheelbarrow GPP!

  • Revisiting Treasures From The Past!

    I ate, slept, and lived to know more than the next guy so I could gain an advantage if the opportunity arose. I already knew I wanted to be involved in the strength and conditioning profession.

  • Restoration And Recovery Techniques!

    A couple months back I alluded to a series of articles devoted to restoration and recovery. Well, it has been a long hiatus off from writing due to full-time coaching and other commitments, but here we go!

  • Specific Training For Aggressive In-Line Skating

    Learn what you need to know to improve your skating ability and how to improve your style. Find out what you need to know to become the best in-line skater around!

  • Tumbling Drills: Enhance Your Performance!

    If you are new and haven't heard yet, one of Coach Davies' many drills for increasing proprioception and agility includes tumbling. I have written several articles in the past that specifically detail a safe and effective tumbling progression ...

  • Manipulating Your Hormones

    Manipulating your hormones will help take advantage and ensure successful adaption, training, health and performance.

  • Developing Hip Power

    Your mid back to the back of your knee are responsible for the most important and explosive power on the field, your hips.

  • Understanding The Strength Deficit!

    In this article, I'll illustrate exactly what the strength deficit is, an easy way to assess the athlete, how to interpret the results, and point you in the right direction as to the proper way to maximize each athlete's potential to express power ...

  • Sand Training 101

    After training in the sand, with the right program design, regular, one surface, level ground will make you feel like you're accelerating downstream. Learn how sand training will boost your strength and agility!

  • Glutamine - Miracle Supplement? Part 2!

    I briefly mentioned some other areas in which supplemental glutamine can help improve an overall healthy lifestyle.

  • Mental Toughness Training!

    I understand the principle behind this and it is applicable for power lifters, Olympic Weight Lifters and bodybuilders.

  • Core Conditioning: Training Your Abs And Trunk For Sports!

    Look around any gym in America and you'll see one common theme in them: in our ab crazy times it is the way the torso is trained. Hundreds upon hundreds of crunches at the end of the workout. Learn a better way!