Laura Williams, MS


After earning her bachelor's degree in exercise science in 2003, Laura started a career in fitness management, moving four times to take on progressively more challenging positions. In her final fitness management role, she worked as the director of programs to open a 95,000-square-foot recreation center. As DP, she managed a 140-person team that instructed clients in sports, fitness, recreation, camps, and aquatics.

In 2010, Williams completed her master's degree in exercise science. While in school, Williams launched Girls Gone Sporty as a one-stop information shop for women interested in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle content. Williams is also a freelance writer for popular fitness websites sites including LiveStrong, Men's Journal, Thrillist, Verywell, and

In 2011, Williams received her master's degree and continued freelancing. In 2016, her first nationally published book, "Partner Workouts" was released by DK Books. In 2017, she accepted a full-time exercise science instructor position at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas. She continues to freelance for major online publications.



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