My mother was a bodybuilder as I was growing up. I had to go to the gym with her as my brother and I were homeschooled. I loved the smell of the gym, the weights, and the "burn" I would feel when working out (as an 8 year old kid, I did not do much back then... just abs and calves).

I have always had it in my blood and have used weight training principals since high school and college. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week for atleast 2 hours a day. When I need to lean up for a photoshoot, I always try to incorporate higher reps and 1.5 to 2 hours of cardio a day! I tend to hold body fat on my lower body, so I have to do a lot more cardio. LOL

I love the way I feel when I am done! I love having muscle! I am very feminine looking but when I flex my biceps, you can see them. My abs are starting to come in, too, which looks incredible.

I look at photos of fitness models in the mags! Now that I am a model, I have to stay in shape for my shoots. I love fitness and swimwear shooting, but I dabble in glamour and urban modeling as well! I have a booty. LOL I am going to give up on the urban modeling. I love my muscle and I do not want anyone telling me to get rid of it!

Name: Tamar Cohl
Age: 31
Location: SW Florida
Marital Status: Married
BodySpace Profile: bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/planettamar

  • 2008 NPC All South Figure Open, St. Augustine, FL
  • 2008 NPC Zena Collins Classic, West Palm Beach Figure Open
  • 2008 NPC Nationals, Atlanta, GA (Figure Open OR Working for Tight Curves/Team Bombshell)


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