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  • Use The Microwave For These Meal-Prep Staples Now!

    Think the microwave is only good for irradiating Hot Pockets? Please! It's a straight-up all-star at making some of the transformation foods you're already eating, but with fewer dishes and less prep! Here are three must-zaps to try right away.

  • Chef Robert Irvine: Grilled Mahi-Mahi Sandwich

    Try Chef Robert Irvine's vibrant grilled mahi-mahi, tucked into whole wheat or plated with slaw for a clean, light protein source.

  • Jacked In 3: Upper-Body Routine

    Not sure what to do for your upper body today? Strength coach Paul Carter has your new favorite workout. You'll push, pull, get a great arm pump, and strut out of the gym in 35-45 minutes.

  • The Bodybuilder's Guide To A Better Bench Press

    Earn big lifts and big gains with this comprehensive guide to how bodybuilders need to bench. Get your feet off the bench, settle in, and move some weight!

  • FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30-Day Fitness Plan: LAUNCHING JANUARY 29

    FYR is a follow-along video program that can help anyone, anywhere achieve next-level fitness, in just 30 minutes per workout. Dig deep and find your reason with Hannah Eden!

  • Ashley Horner's Leg Workout Is The Cure For The Winter Blues

    When the world outside is frozen, you need to generate your own warmth. Do it with this straight-up burner of a lower-body workout from Ashley Horner!

  • Go Full-Power Beast Mode For 2018!

    Dump your routine and go beast mode in 2018 with these 12 guaranteed ways to transform your physique

  • Mission: Possible 16-Week Challenge

    If you’ve thought that it’s impossible for you to lose weight and carve the body you’ve dreamed about, you’ve joined the right challenge. Possible Pat is here to guide you through the next 16 weeks and open your eyes to how you can transform your life — forever.

  • What Does Protein Actually Do In Your Body?

    It's the first supplement most lifters try, and many of us stay loyal to our favorite flavors and brands for years. But what's really going on when you take a scoop of protein? Here's the science.

  • Your Guide to Building Next-Level Legs

    Build bigger wheels. Move bigger weights. And remind yourself what leg day is supposed to feel like (Spoiler alert: It's brutal).

  • The Road To Benching 300 Starts Here

    So you can handle two plates for reps, but a single with three seems miles away. Don't waste another bench day! Follow this program, starting now.

  • Your Blueprint For Building Bigger Shoulders

    It's been said that "shoulders make the man." Update that to include "or woman" and you've got yourself an idea to get behind. To that end, here's a 10-week program that'll blow up your delts and blow your mind!

  • Build A Bikini Body Over The Winter!

    Dreading squeezing into a bikini after indulging in a few too many winter treats? Olympia Bikini Champion Angelica Teixeira explains why now is the best time to start working on your bikini body!

  • The 7-Day Six-Pack

    This is designed to be the only ab program you'll ever need. Do it on its own or with your current training, and be prepared to amaze yourself!

  • The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix

    Meet your new favorite workouts. All you need is two dumbbells, 30 minutes, and a towel. Get after it!

  • Bench 300: Your 12-Week Plan

    When you want to earn a next-level bench, you need a next-level approach. Just do this program exactly as written and build serious upper-body strength!

  •'s Top 17 Articles Of 2017

    These were the workouts, articles, and complete programs that gave our readers their biggest gains in 2017. As you plan out your next training goals, revisit the lifting year that was!

  • Your Blueprint For Building A Bigger Chest!

    Who wants a huge chest? Everybody! Follow this 10-week plan to get the gorilla chest of your dreams.

  • Build Massive Deltoids And Horseshoe Triceps

    Learn how to be more efficient with your workout planning, and you can free up time to target body parts that could really use the attention!

  • Core Exercises Missing From Your Training Routine

    Is your core training paying off in strength and athleticism, or is it all show? Include these moves to take your abs to the next level in both performance and definition!