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  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for September 2019

    As the season changes and the days grow shorter, it can feel harder and harder to get to the gym. Here's what's keeping us motivated to work out and stay fit!

  • 2019 Awards: Weight Management Product of the Year

    These are the supplements that consistently make weight control easier and less stressful for our customers.

  • 2019 Awards: Muscle-Building Product of the Year

    If you struggle to add lean mass, the right products can make a big difference. These are the ones you want to push the scale up!

  • Healthy Peanut Butter Glazed Donuts

    Satisfy your sweet tooth and calm your cravings by whipping up a batch of these healthy and delicious homemade protein donuts!

  • How Frequently and How Long Should You Train?

    When it comes to bodybuilding training, less is often more. It's a crazy concept, but you owe it to yourself to focus on recovery and keep these guidelines in mind when designing your workout schedule.

  • 6 Instant Workout Upgrades

    Is your training plan due for a renovation? These tips and techniques will upgrade your gym game and kick-start your gains.

  • Bigger by the Dozen: 12 Must-Have Foods for Gaining Size

    Even if you've waded through the information glut about gaining size, you're probably still wondering what the best food choices truly are. Pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani cuts the confusion with his favorite mass-building foods.

  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for August 2019

    Our shortlist provides supps, gear, and motivation to help you finish the summer strong.

  • Delt Wreckage: 8 Weeks To Cannonball Shoulders

    How do you like the sound of 3 consecutive 82-rep lateral-raise sets? That and a few more muscle-challenging exercises will blow out your shoulders and get you galloping toward that V-taper you're after.

  • Cool Treats and Shareable Snacks for Summer

    From patriotic popsicles to healthy golden shakes, there's something for everyone in these sizzling summer recipes. Made with all-natural ingredients and an arsenal of superfoods, these Signature recipes help you keep your fit body rocking all summer long!

  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for July 2019

    From white chocolate almond butter to a new kind of creatine to the competition that puts us in our place, here's everything powering us through summer.

  • Healthy Treats for a Signature Summer

    June marks the end of spring and beginning of summer, and what better way to celebrate dads, donuts, and warmer weather than with a fresh batch of healthy and delicious Signature recipes.

  • REAL FITNESS: The Digital Magazine Premiere Issue NOW AVAILABLE!

    Exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming All Access releases. Product and program recommendations. Exclusive deals on your favorite supplements. It's REAL FITNESS!

  • Signature Moment with Myree Bowden

    The slam dunk is part physicality, part science, and part improv. Here's what goes through Team athlete Myree Bowden's mind when it's time to defy gravity and kiss the sky.

  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for June 2019

    June brings us National Men's Health Month, Father's Day, and National Donut Day. Coincidence? We think not. Some of our picks were chosen with men in mind, but you don't have to be a dad or a dude to benefit from any of them.

  • Signature Recipes to Start Your Summer Right!

    Summer is almost here, and we've got a brand-new batch of healthy and refreshing recipes to keep you cool in the heat and keep your sweet tooth at bay while you work on refining those summer abs.

  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for May 2019

    Some of the best things in life are the simplest. Look forward to your daily workout with better versions of the basics.

  • What Every Lifter Needs to Know About the Vertical Diet

    During his 30-year career as an IFBB pro, Stan Efferding learned to optimize nutrition for maximum performance. Now he's using these same lessons to help top-level athletes gain strength and muscle for competition, performance, and optimal health.

  • 4 Ways Exercise Can Make You Better at Gaming

    You'll find no shortage of people telling you to exercise for health or appearance. But what about for how it can pay off in your performance in video games? Stick with us. Here's why your character wants you to get in the gym!

  • Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things for April 2019

    Launch into spring with fresh gear, game-changing gym tools, and your new favorite protein powder.