Kassandre Harper-Cotton


I am a wife, mother, and figure athlete who has had an active Bodyspace profile since March 2007. I attended U.C. Berkeley and majored in American Studies with a emphasis in Education and Literacy. I am proud to be a middle-school Social Studies and Language Arts teacher and hope to model healthy living for my students.

Prior to finding Bodyspace.com, I was 185 pounds and a size 14/16. I had never been athletic, even as a child, but I knew that I could not continue to mistreat my body. I was feeling and looking much older that my years. I decided to start my profile about one month after discovering the site. I was nervous, but ready to put in really effort and time into my new endeavor. I found everything that I needed on one site. There were thousands of articles, videos, and information about supplementation. I no longer could declare, "I don't know what to do." I was given all of the tools that I needed, to "do something".

After activating my profile I quickly surpassed my original goal weight of 150 pounds and being a size 10. I began to become more knowledgeable about how to train and what to eat. And, as a result, a healthy lifestyle became the norm and I excavated my inner athlete. I discovered the sport of figure and became a huge supporter and fan of the sport.

Bodybuilding.com and Bodyspace.com are a part of my daily routine. My activity on Bodybuilding.com and Bodyspace has resulted in features such as: appearing on the landing page, being Wallpaper #165, Member of the Month for May 2009, Transformation of the Week, and a full page ad in a nationally recognized fitness magazine. Most recently, I was selected to be a part of Bodybuilding.com's commercial campaign, Lift Your Life and I am featured in Kris Gethin's book, Body by Design. Additionally, I write motivational articles for several fitness-oriented websites. I aspire to obtain her personal trainer's certification to support others in their adoption of the fitness lifestyle.

As a contributing writer, I aim to provide motivational articles, tips for managing work and family, and provide insight into how you can make Bodybuilding.com work for you!

Bodyspace Profile: Making_A_Change


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