Mike Mahler


For those of you that don't know who I am, I am a strength coach and freelance journalist. My articles have appeared in:

  • Testosterone Magazine
  • Ironman Magazine
  • Stay Fit Magazine
  • Intensity Magazine
  • Vegsource
  • The Code
  • Adcombat.com
  • And now Bodybuilding.com

I am also a certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor and have been a strength athlete for over ten years. I also do kettlebell and bodyweight conditioning workshops for: athletes, law enforcement, the Military, Firefighters, and anyone else that wants to get in great shape. Right now I am focusing on the Mixed Martial Arts community and have worked with several fighters.


An Interview With Mike Mahler! - Check out this awesome interview with Mike Mahler, one of the top kettlebell instructors on the planet. Find out what he is up to, what is next and what he does at his workshops.

What I Do

I am available for workshops and personal training in the LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA area, as well as in the WASHINGTON, D.C./VIRGINIA area. In addition, I am available anywhere in the United States and overseas to do strength and conditioning workshops. I also design personalized nutrition and fitness programs online. If you would like more information on my workshops and programs, please e-mail me.

Santa Monica, CAVA
USA, 90403

To find out more about my latest news and upcoming workshops go to www.mikemahler.com.


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