Bionic Plyometrics


Mark Sias is a 27 year-old Florida native currently resides near Flint, Michigan. Mark is the owner of Bionic Plyometrics, a site devoted to new developments in power and speed training. Mark is a former gymnast and black belt in Tae Kwon Do with 17 years of practice. He also professionally instructed USAG and AAU competitive gymnasts up to level 9 for 6 years, with numerous credentials. This is where he was first able to apply plyometric concepts & stabilization development.

Mark has taught skateboarders to improve ollie tactics with his knowledge of kinesiology, and while also a personal trainer, has worked with Division-1 college basketball players on some new concepts in vertical jump training yet to be used, with impressive results! Mark Sias regularly consults other trainers across the country who are working with athletes seeking to improve power & performance.

Mr. Sias conducts cheerleading clinics at local schools throughout the fall seasons giving crash courses in tumbling. He shows the students how to adapt plyometrics for improving cheerleading stunts, balance, power tumbling and impressive Herkies! Mark even donates some time to give beginner gymnastics lessons at a local athletic club.

It’s not all theory with Mark, he Obviously practices what he preaches. At 6’1" tall and 235lbs. He has a whopping 37" standing vertical jump and has been seen doing feats like straddle jumping grown adults into slam dunks, jamming things like medicine balls, or jumping over the roof of a car. That’s not to mention the flips, breaking bricks, and what happens on the squat rack!


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