Dain Wallis, CSCS


Dain Wallis is a Body IO® Coach, (www.body.io), specializing in helping people achieve their health, physique and performance goals using Carb Back-Loading™ and the Carb Nite® Solution. Born and raised in small-town Ontario, Dain grew up playing a variety of sports before falling in love with strength training at the age of 21. A graduate of Queen's, Physical Health & Education with a BA in Health Studies, Dain is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Precision Nutrition certified coach. A former powerlifter, Dain is now one of the top lightweight strongmen in Canada and competes on the World level in the 175 class. As a coach and writer for various media outlets, Dain strives to stay on top of the latest research to spread the best information while dispelling ineffective fitness myths. Dain currently resides in Toronto, Canada.




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