Anthony Ricciuto


Anthony is the current Sports Nutrition Editor for Powerlifting USA magazine. He was a former competitive drug free powerlifter in the 198 and 220 classes.

His Titles Include:

  • 1992 W.N.P.F. World Deadlifting Champion (14-16 years age group)
  • 1993 W.N.P.F. Pennsylvania State Deadlifting Champion
  • 1993 W.N.P.F. Life Time Drug Free National Champion (17-19 years age group)
  • 1994 W.N.P.F. World Teenage Deadlifting Champion (17-19 years age group)
  • 1995 W.N.P.F. World Teenage Deadlifting Champion (17-19 years age group)

Anthony set a W.N.P.F. Drug free Teenage (14-16 years) World Record in the Deadlift of 500 pounds in the 220 class that still stands today. Anthony no longer competes in Powerlifting but is a dedicated strength coach and sports nutritionist.

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He served as the Head National Coach for the Canadian Powerlifting Team at the W.N.P.F. World Championships for 4 years. Anthony specializes in working with strength athletes of different sports for training and nutritional program design.

Name: Anthony Ricciuto
Age: 26
Years Training: 14
Weight: 230
Height: 5'8
Favorite Exercise: Deadlift

  • Svend Karlsen - 2001 World's Strongest Man Champion
  • Glen Ross - 3 time Britain's Strongest Man
  • Hugo Girard - 4 Time Canada's and 2 Time North America's Strongest Man
  • Oscar Chaplin III - World Champion and 2000 Sydney Olympic Weightlifter,
  • Mike Ruggeria - 1000 pound squatter and Elite Lifter
  • Joe McAuliffe - Drug Free World Record Holder in the Bench Press 570@198,
  • Larry Miller - Drug Free World Record Holder in the Bench Press 529@165
  • Bill Crawford - 760 Bench Press- World Record @275,
  • Jamie Harris - 771 Bench Press- World Record @SHW
  • Bill Sindelar - USAPL Masters National Champion
  • Tee Myers - 6 time World Drug Free Champion, 760 deadlift@189
  • Jenifer Maille - Teenage World Champion and Record Holder in the Deadlift,
  • Eric Knight - National Bench Press champion
  • Ryan Vierra - 4 Time World Highland Games Champion
  • Hennis Wahsington III - National and World Champion Powerlifter,
  • Karren Sizemore - Biggest Female Bench Press @450 lbs.
  • Liz Willet - Multiple World Drug Free Champion
  • Dione Wessells - World Champion and Top level Strongwoman
  • Wille Wessells - World Champion and over 1000 pound Squatter @ 242
  • Amy Weisburger - 8 time World Champion@132 lbs.
  • Laura Ricciuto - 4 Time Drug Free World Champion Powerlifter
  • Glen Ranno - 4 Time Sub masters World Champion Powerlifter
  • Concetta Cammarata - 2 Time Masters World Champion Powerlifter
  • World's Strongest Powerlifter - Garry Frank - 2640 Total and All Time World Record Deadlift @ 931 lbs.
  • Phil Harrington - Top 181 lifter in the world and squat record holder 838.
  • Ron Palmer - Top 165 pounder 1951 total, over 800 pound squat.
  • Joe Mazza - Top 165 pound bencher Ranked #2 in the world.
  • Gene Rycelak - 900 pound bencher All time highest bench.
  • Kara Bohigian - Top 148 lifter in the world.
  • Steve Goggins - 1102 Squat Multiple world champion and record holder. Top 242 and 275 lifter in the world.
  • Gene Bell- 10 time world champion Top 181 and 198 lifter
  • Jay Picarillo- IPA National Champion
  • Matt Lamarque- World Champion and Biggest Bench at 220 @738
  • Chris Drainius-South African IPF National Champion and Record Holder
  • Frank Ranali- 3 time WNPF masters World Champion
  • John Stafford- World Champion and Top 275 pound lifter 2408 total
  • Mike Brown- 19 yrs old- 730 bench press, Youngest Teenager to Bench over 700

Anthony currently runs a private training and nutritional consulting business in Toronto, Canada working with elite strength athletes, fitness models, actors and bodybuilders.


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