Curtis Schultz


If you have grid iron dreams, competitive powerlifting aspirations, are interested in bodybuilding prep, or would like to try Bench Press only competitions. Coach "C's" underground operations take an in-depth look at training protocols, nutrition, and supplementation. Name: Curtis Schultz, aka Coach "C"

Powerlifting: 5 competitive years

Coach Schultz is IFPA Certified Sport Conditioning Specialist (SCS), IFPA Certified Professional Fitness Trainer (PFT), IFPA Certified Bodybuilding Instructor, a USWF Club Coach, and a member of the CSCCa, and AFCA.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: 20-plus years working at College or High School level athletes

Coaching (Football): 13 plus years and counting ( I've coached OL, DL, Inside and Outside Linebackers, Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, all on the NCAA, NAIA, JUCO and High School levels also as a Head Coach and Minor League team owner.)

Coaching (Track): Nolan Catholic (TX) Head Varsity Coach

Free lance Writer: 9-years and still counting (MuscleMag International, Ironman, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, and many others)

Coach "C" can be contacted at He Also Has A Q&A Section: "Ask The Coach" at


  • Developing Speed

    I have found out that speed is simply inherited. I mean, there are just some individuals who are born to run like a Cheetah. Is it genetics? Most likely, but everyone has some sort of genetic gift or potential.

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    Why is sport nutrition important in football? Get the basics right here. I will set the record straight about why you have to be careful with supplements and some I would recommend.

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    Special, is how I describe Candy Canary. She is a lot more than a classy female bodybuilder she is also a pastor. Learn more about her background, what she does as a pastor, how it effects her training and much more.

  • Martial Arts Techniques For Pass Protection.

    In football you must defeat your opponent with the most efficient use of the body and your body’s natural weapons. I'll share martial arts tips that past coaches have used with great success for their O-Lineman. Read on...

  • Want A Cup Of Coffee? See What Coffee Can Do For Your Training!

    This natural stimulant is in great demand and has benefited many athletes. Some studies show greater endurance and less fatigue

  • An Interview With NPC National Level Competitor, Sebastian Zona.

    Sebastian is a Health and P.E. Teacher and NPC Competitor who stands at 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs in at 223 lbs. I've put together this great interview where he shares his personal goals, his lack of fear of failure, and views of bodybuilding.

  • Become A Freak - Eat Extensive Loads Of Food!

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  • An Interview With NPC Competitor Dorothy Trojanowicz.

    NPC bodybuilder Dorothy Trojanowicz will talk about her past and how she is currently getting ready for figure competition at Jr. Nationals in 2006. Learn more...

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    Check out this great interview with NPC New England figure champion, Amanda Geno. Find out how she does it...

  • Exercise Of The Week : Front Squats.

    The barbell front squat is a phenomenal, yet seldom-performed version of the regular barbell back squat. We will go into to detail about this exercise and why many people do not like doing it.

  • An Interview With Beautiful Figure Competitor Amanda Savell.

    After growing up in a family who owned their own gyms, definitely made an dramatic impact on her life. See how Amanda keeps up with the fitness industry.

  • Exercise Of The Week : One-Arm Dumbbell Rows!

    One-arm dumbbell rows emphasize the whole lat, the upper back, and the trap muscles. To learn more about this exercise and its variations continue right here.

  • Nordic Power: An Interview With Mari Asp.

    Mari Asp is just one more Norwegian beauty to join the likes of Leana Johansen. Who by the way is friends with Mari. Read this interview to get some in depth information including her colossal bench press.

  • An Interview With Buff Doll Melissa Dettwiller.

    Here is an interview with a great women, who, with the help of a great body, will try to get back a good name for female bodybuilders.

  • Exercise Of The Week : Seated Cable Rows.

    Seated Cable Rows emphasize muscles around the back including the lats, the erector spinae, rear delts, biceps, and forearm flexors. Continue below if you would like to learn more about the seated cable row and its variations.

  • The Football Player Of Today: A Grid Iron Machine!

    Football is probably the most physically demanding sport on the playing field today. It requires a combination of speed, strength, power, agility, and mental toughness. Read on to learn the facts from a strength and conditioning coach.

  • Janet Harris - The Cuban Missile Picture Gallery!

    Janet possesses a look that comfortably fits in both worlds of fitness and bodybuilding. With a beautifully balanced structure this mother of two has a body built for fitness modeling and bodybuilding competition.

  • An Interview With Janet Harris - The Cuban Missile.

    Thank God now that the only missiles we have to deal with from Cuba are those like Janet Harris appropriately nicknamed the 'Cuban Missile'. Learn more about her transformation and what she's up to lately.

  • Ask The Coach: Get Your Athletic Questions Answered!

    Welcome to Ask The Coach where your questions are answered to enhance your athletic performance on the gridiron. No matter what your level of competition is, we will help you accomplish your goals by answering your questions.

  • Next Evolution Eating: Set Yourself Up For Gains In 2005.

    The bodybuilder of the 21st century gets on stage at over 250 ripped pounds toting 22-inch arms and 30-plus inch thighs. Doesn't it look like we are progressing into the next evolution of the human ladder? Find out how to get big...

  • Exercise Of The Week: Pulldowns To The Front.

    Adapt the lat pulldown to the front in your own back training routine and watch your back get wider and wider. Never miss a back workout or any workout for that matter, and always remember, give me one more rep!

  • Exercise Of The Week: Dumbbell Flat Bench Presses.

    The main benefit of dumbbell presses, as opposed to barbell presses, is using dumbbells in this manner also allows for a greater stretch at the bottom and more efficient peak contraction at the top than a barbell press do.

  • Chains, Bands & Boards, Oh My!

    Training with bands, boards and chains has allot to do with bodybuilding! Using these tools can spell success in creating strength gains that usually equate into bigger muscles.

  • Exercise Of The Week: Incline Barbell Bench Press.

    As a bodybuilder, the incline should also be the first exercise in chest training. Utilizing incline bar, smith machine incline bar, and incline dumbbell presses should be used for bodybuilding prep.

  • Exercise Of The Week: Flat Barbell Bench Press.

    The flat barbell bench press is the most common exercises used in the gym. It is the staple exercise for building muscle mass and strength in the chest. Learn more!

  • Are You A Small Fish In A Big Pond? Moving Up To College Sports.

    Many of these young athletes, if they are lucky, will make the team as a back up, some will see some playing time, then there are those who will be starters as 'true' freshman, and all of them will get a free education. Learn how to be ready ...

  • Getting Ready For Combines!

    It's about time for all aspiring football players to begin preparing for next season. High school preparatory combines are arranged for up-and-coming seniors in late spring & summer.

  • Family Of Muscle: A Day In The Life Of Muscle Couples!

    Nowadays it's hard to find the right mate. Especially when on the average married couples get divorced after only 3 years. Muscle couples share a marriage to the iron and a burning desire to realize the individual potential. Let's take a look at some...

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    Amy is getting ready for the upcoming New York Pro Figure competition and took out some time from prepping to talk to readers again, so let's find out what this hard figure is up to?

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    As a mother of two, a master's degree candidate and full time fitness instructor can easily take a lot of time off your day. But, even with all those personal challenges that life has to offer this little package of beauty overcame them!

  • Raise The Plate For Shoulder Development!

    Shoulder development is very important, and so is shoulder strength. Take the front delts for instance. They area important muscle for most pressing movements. Learn why...

  • The Hooded Monster: How To Increase Your Back Width!

    You can't miss the hooded cobra when it spreads its huge developed back there is no mistaking it. Like the cobra, learn how to increase your back width!

  • Take Your Medicine: Medicine Ball Training!

    Catching and throwing of medicine balls, or jelly balls, are used to develop arm and upper body speed, strength, and balance.

  • Cow Girl Gone City Girl: Monica Starr Interview!

    Monica Starr is a true country girl, born and raised in Kansas growing up farming corn, wheat, milo, and sunflowers working on her family owned and operated feedlot. Meet Monica Starr Cowgirl gone City.

  • An Interview With Lindsay Mulinazzi!

    Some of you know her as the Fitness Inferno girl, others, like myself just know Lindsay Mulinazzi through her name and her body. Find out what she has been up to, her change in competitions, upcoming contests and much more...

  • The 2003 IPA Worlds - Powerlifting Pics And Report

    The chalk dust in the air, the screams of intensity touching deep into your bones, and the huge poundages that where being added to the bars was way too much for two competitive athletes, as ourselves, to handle. Here is what happened!

  • Increasing Your Bench The Easy Way

    So how do you find that quick fix to get a big bench? Well, unless you're a freak of nature then you are probably like me and need all the help me you can get. Here are tips and a full workout program!

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    I wondered what was the main factor in increasing the pro's bench press maxes? The answer is triceps strength. Learn how to build yours with these full exercise guides which include chains, boards, and bands!

  • An Interview With Lisa Aukland.

    IFBB Pro bodybuilder Lisa Aukland holds more degrees from the College of Muscle then any mainstream University provides. I had the opportunity to talk with Lisa and got her to open up about the state of female bodybuilding and her personal life...

  • An Interview With Vivianna Requena, Top NPC Bodybuilder!

    What a package: Exotic good looks, a striking muscle bod, and Latino charisma written all over her. Vivianna is a bonafide contender for a national level bodybuilding title and a pro card.

  • Power Athlete Football Strength Program!

    3 part series! From lifting weights to plyometrics, this full program will guide you to football dominance!

  • The Castle On The Hill

    Learn some fitness and health history that occurred in a little place in Dansville New York called

  • Retirement Competition

    They are rapidly taking over with their nose rings, combat boots, baggy clothes, and they do wear baggy clothes, those lazy attitudes and shallow aspirations. Yes, it's true Generation X is overwhelming, and their future looks mighty scrawny...