Aaron Links


Aaron Links is a former natural bodybuilder who earned several regional titles and one national title during his time competing.


  • The Truth & Myth Of The Hardgainer: A Guide To Gaining Mass!

    Most people don't remember what they eat each day. If you don't know, then you probably aren't eating much. Here are some urgent tips to calculate how much you really need to eat. Read on and start gaining now!

  • No Excuse: Practical Training And Eating!

    I will share how I live my bodybuilding life from a practical standpoint. Here are some great tips and motivations that have worked for me and hopefully can for you too. Get motivated right here!

  • Don't Go By Impulse - Get Results Through Dieting!

    I have laughed when learning of friends who bought fitness products from late-night infomercials believing there was an easy way to lose the fat... Come on people get a clue! Here are some hard learned tips about losing the fat. Check it out!

  • Training For Bigger Arms: Techniques For Natural Bodybuilding.

    This article is focused on the natural bodybuilders who don't get the extra nutrient/protein assimilation offered by various performance-enhancing drugs. Build a better body and bigger arms by trying what I have learned through trial and error.

  • Bodybuilders & Champions Do Have Free-Time!

    What do champions own? What do they do? I mean, bodybuilding is totally awesome, but you can't be in the gym all day every day. Most people work to body build and have hobbies. Pyrotechnics and Ferraris rock!

  • Maintaining A Balanced Focus With Long-term Motivation!

    Bodybuilding is a brutal sport, and I don't just mean physically. The mental aspect of this sport is very real and tough. I want to share with you my own personal struggles and how I have overcome those issues. Get some motivation right here!

  • Hazards Of Improper Warm-Ups; An Experience With 'Prolo Therapy.'

    A few weeks into testing a new program I made the mistake of not warming up properly. This article is about a series of events that led me to a meeting with Prolo Therapy. Learn more about it...

  • U.S. Obesity: A Growing Crisis!

    American Obesity: Lifestyle habits or inborn genetic genes? Well unfortunately it is not the second answer. In this detailed article there are some disturbing results about obesity. Yankee stadium is also mentioned in relation to these studies.

  • Days Of Yore & Muscles Of Magnitude!

    How were these men able to forge these muscles of might when we are supposedly so far ahead of them in every area of fitness? Somehow, even with lacking equipment, myth-based knowledge, and inferior supplementation they became the standard by which...