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Titles Won in the American Natural Bodybuilding Conference (ANBC):
  • Year 2000 at age 19: Southwest Classic Regional Bodybuilding Competition - Teenage Men 1st Place, Novice Men Tall 1st Place
  • Year 2002 at age 21: Southwest Classic Regional Bodybuilding Competition - Junior Division (age 23 and under) 1st Place, Open Tall Men 2nd Place
  • Year 2003 at age 22: USA Championships held in Boston Massachusetts on November 15th - Junior Division 1st Place, Open Tall Men 5th Place
  • Year 2004 at age 23: A.N.B.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships: Open Men's Tall Division 2nd Place, and Best Poser Award

I am well on the way to achieving my goal of domination. The 2004 ANBC USA's competition went well, and I look forward to winning some more titles in the near future. I have decided to take some time off from the stage, and really focus on taking my physique to the next level. The next time I compete I will shock people with beautiful development in size and symmetry, and I look forward to keeping all my readers in the loop. So here I am, training in an extremely focused manner, and here to write articles for you, the loyal reader of Bodybuilding.com.

A quick word about the photos of me on this page; the ones on the bottom level are the most recent, and the photos that were taken more in a modeling style (referring to the "train-track" photos and "ladder-climbing" photo) were taken just one day before the stage-competition photos. The other top row photos were taken in 2003 (yes, I'm bigger now...but still looking sharp!) I would like to personally thank photographer Frank Buono for the photos of me taken in 2004. He is a great photographer! Thanks!

And that's the way it's supposed to be. I don't make predictions, I just train hard.

Age: 24
Weight: 200 lbs
E-Mail: shave_the_wales@yahoo.comClick On The Thumbnails To Enlarge The Pictures!


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