Danny Drescher


Hello, my name is Danny Drescher and I am a 16 year old bodybuilder from Greenville SC. After being an avid reader of a lot of bb.com articles, I have decided to try writing my own. I have been lifting for just about a year and a half, starting out to overcome an eating disorder. After reading as many articles as I could, I soon began to conquer the disorder and start packing on some mass.

During my first year of lifting, and eating right, I gained 24 pounds and was back to a healthy weight. After that I decided to take my love for bodybuilding to the next level and started looking into competitions in my area. On May 26th, I competed in my very first bodybuilding contest where I placed 2nd in both the Teen and Men's Jr. Lightweight division.

Over my 3 month contest prep, I recorded monthly my diet, workouts, and feelings about the Contest Prep. Hopefully these articles can help other teen bodybuilders meet their future goals in bodybuilding.