Jay Cardiello


Jay has an amazing background in athletics training & nutrition. He is an invaluable resource when it comes to taking athletes to the next level and has a proven track record along with an impressive list of his own accomplishments.



Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 1989 International Karate Champion, 5x State Champion and Regional Champion
  • 1996 NCAA Division 1 National Champions, Track and Field Team: University of Arkansas
  • 1996 Shore Athletic Club, National Team Member - Track and Field, Millrose Games Invite and Competitor

Coaching Experience:

  • 1996-1997 Assistant Track and Field Coach, Montclair State University
  • 1997-1999 Assistant Track and Field Coach, The College of William and Mary
  • 1999-2000 Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, AFL - New Jersey Red Dogs
  • 1999 Assistant Strength Program, NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2000 Assistant Strength Program, XFL - NJ/NY Hitman
  • 2001 Assistant Strength Program, Minor League Baseball - Cincinnati Reds Organization'
  • 2001-2005 Head Strength Coach, Al "Ice" Cole - Former IBF World Cruiser Weight Champion
  • 2005 Head Strength Coach. Jameel "Big Time" Mccline IBF World Title Contender and Title Fight
  • 2006 SAQ NFL Combine Developer, Sports University, One Human Performance and CLAY Fitness
  • 2007 Strength Coach - 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson

Other Notables:

  • 1997-2006 - Guest Speaker and Educator - The College of William and Mary, Mary Washington University, Montclair State University and Maritime College
  • 2000 - 99.1 Tri-State Radio - Feature Educator, Broadcast
  • 2005 CBSFitnews - Radio
  • 2006 and 2007 Amansala Boot Camp, Tulum Mexico
  • 2006 ABC Online Fitnews - Feature
  • 2007 New York Times - Fitness Feature
  • 2007 POW Magazine- Fitness Feature
  • 2007 Lululemon - Product Advisor
  • 2008 - GLOW Magazine

Other Notables:

  1. Michael Lewis - NFL
  2. Tommy Maddox - NFL
  3. Kyan Douglas - TV
  4. 4. Beri Smither - TV


  2. CPT: Certified Personal Trainer
  3. BA: The College of William and Mary
  4. Certified Sports Nutritionist


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