Elena Zweers


Elena Zweers is a model, fitness expert, coach, competitor and writer. Her days are filled with an ever-changing combination of activities: photo shoots, coaching, writing, preparing for upcoming contests and travel.

Previously Elena lived, studied and worked in England, UK. Her engagements with multiple large London-based agencies stimulated her career, leading her toward photography work, television appearances and multiple projects with BBC.

Two years ago she moved to NY and continued her work as a model, actress, coach and writer. She is always setting new goals and working on new challenges. She followed her friend's advice, entered a fitness competition and took the stage by storm.

Some highlights: NGA North East USA - 1st place Bikini Tall, NPC National qualifier, Rochester - 1st place Miss Bikini Tall, WNSO - Miss Bikini Chicago and WNSO World championships - Miss Bikini 1st place, Gold medal and WNSO Pro status.

Sharing her experience and helping others feel and look their best is her everyday motto. She writes about fitness, health, nutrition and exercise in support of a broad audience with a variety of goals, lifestyles and abilities.

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