Calum von Moger


Calum von Moger, who hails from Victoria, Australia, is the reigning WFF Mr. Universe, a Cellucor sponsored athlete, and a fitness model. At the age of 14, he and his older brother started training at an old warehouse with rusty iron dumbbells and barbells. Skinny and not very strong, von Moger's fitness goal at that time was to catch up to his bigger, stronger brother. His days were spent training, watching "Pumping Iron", eating cans of tuna and whole chickens, and hitting the beach.

He grew up watching Steve Reeves on television as Hercules, and of course Arnold became his primary source of inspiration. The physiques of the 1970s were the epitome of bodybuilding for von Moger. Taking inspiration from these bodybuilding icons, he is driven by a strong ambition to create a customized classic physique that is all his own.

In 2010, von Moger entered and won his first bodybuilding competition. In 2011, he was recruited to enter the WFF Junior Mr. Universe competition. Calum competed in and won the NABBA Junior International championships, then went on to take first place in the Jr. Mr. Universe. He is the current WFF Mr. Universe.

Currently, von Moger resides in Los Angeles, California, as he continues to train to defend his title. He is working as a brand ambassador and fitness/fashion model, and often speaks to kids around the world about fitness and nutrition.



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