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  • Dietary Intervention For Athletes: Part 2.

    Although proteins have become the center of attention in the nutritional world, it has not been this way in the past. As part 2 of dietary intervention this article will shed some light on the role of protein and how important it really is.

  • Dietary Intervention For Athletes: Part 1.

    It is extremely important to maintain adequate glycogen stores for athletes training in multiple sprint events. Below you will find some useful information from studies about carbohydrate consumption for different types of sports.

  • Utilizing Your Nervous System For Strength & Power For Sports.

    The nervous system of athletes in speed and power sports can be enhanced by various means such as coordination exercises, structural work, and traditional power lifting methods.

  • The Basics Of Amino Acid Metabolism.

    This examination of proteins and amino acids will cover the metabolism of the protein we eat and catabolic situations in the body. A general understanding of the molecular structure of proteins and amino acids is needed to understand their metabolism.