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Our mission is simple: To educate consumers and other professionals about nutrition, exercise, and all manner of topics related to performance and physique enhancement in an entertaining and unbiased way. You may see ads and product examples from our sponsors throughout the site, but this will not adversely affect the information provided. By providing this service, our hope is that readers will apply the knowledge to better themselves (and their clients).

Virtual Muscle Contributors

The people contributing to Virtual Muscle include university professors, researchers, exercise physiologists (biologists), nutritionists, health educators, coaches and journalism professionals that realize they can reach a larger audience (than in traditional classroom settings) by way of our world wide web presence and newsletter.

The individuals that author and edit the content of Virtual Muscle are legitimate professionals, often holding advanced degrees such as MS, PhD, RD, RN, R.Ph, etc. They belong to such prestigious organizations as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Dietetic Association (ADA), Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutritionists (ASPEN), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).*

Although original article submissions are welcomed for consideration, blatant sales pitches and uneducated "guru"-type articles will not be accepted in this publication. Virtual Muscle utilizes a "peer review" policy, wherein article submissions are reviewed by relevant experts for scientific merit. Editorial content (articles, interviews, editorials, etc.) and sponsors' advertisements will be kept strictly separate and clearly marked.

  • Managing Editor: Robert Fortney
  • Research & Education Editor: Lonnie Lowery, PhD
  • Associate Research Editor: Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, CSCS
  • Associate Research Editor: Ron Mendel, PhD
  • Ron Mendel, PhD
  • Ellen Glickman, PhD
  • Lonnie Lowery, PhD
  • Stephanie Hornyak, RD
  • Joe Mendel, RN
  • John Berardi, BS
  • MichaelAnn Cariglio, RD
  • Kristin Reisinger, BS
  • Bob Lemieux, BS, CSCS
  • Phil Appicelli, PhD, CSCS
  • Elzi Volk, MS
  • Michael Francois, IFBB pro

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