Joelle Cavagnaro, M.S.


Joelle Cavagnaro has an M.S. in exercise physiology, a B.S. in both health education and physical education, and is Precision Nutrition Level 1 sports nutrition certified. She is the owner of Joelle Samantha Fitness, Inc., where she works with clients across the globe as an online health and fitness coach. Cavagnaro is also a high school health teacher in New York City.

Cavagnaro uses her degrees and certifications to educate her students and clients on the most common myths and misconceptions in the health and fitness industry. After having struggled with an eating disorder, she has now made it her mission to help mitigate the misinformation in the fitness industry that once lead her down that dark path.

Additionally, Cavagnaro joined Team after becoming a finalist in the 2018 Spokesmodel Search.



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